how to scale your business

Business growth phases are an exciting time but come with a lot of unpredictability and risk. Scalability is crucial to avoid being underprepared or over invested whether you’re facing steady growth ahead or prepping for your peak season.

GoGet is helping businesses of all sizes take advantage of every opportunity and scale their transport needs efficiently without risky overheads during peak-times and as you work to grow your business.

Here’s how to scale your business with GoGet.

You don’t have to invest in business vehicles in order to grow

Rather than dropping a heap of cash on a vehicle in order to get your staff member on the road before you’re sure of their productivity and profit margins, GoGet enables you to pay for your travel as you go. This gives you time to work out just how often your staff will be driving and plan your next moves accordingly

You don’t have to disrupt your cashflow and have safety in knowing that you won’t be paying the insurance, maintenance and parking costs of a fleet car when it’s sitting around not getting used.

Busy periods are covered without year-round expenses

Almost every business will experience peak times of year when your team will be busier and access to more transport is needed to keep up with the higher demand. Purchasing new vehicles just for these few months is a costly exercise you’ll soon regret when your brand-new van only gets used for a few months of the year.

With GoGet, you and your team can access the vehicles you need, when you need them and only pay for the time you’re actually spending on the road. When those inevitable quiet periods role around such as December and January shut-down periods, you won’t be paying for vehicles that aren’t getting used.

Our variety of vehicle types gives you greater flexibility

There’s a good chance that when you’re growing your business or facilitating peak periods, your team will need access to different vehicles. One day you might need a van to transport goods, another day an extra ute, or the need for a comfortable SUV when you have multiple team members piling in to get to the one meeting. 

Investing in all of these vehicles will come at a huge expense to your business and going without them can prevent you from taking hold of growth opportunities. GoGet gives you the best of both worlds with utes, vans, eight-seater cars, SUVs, economical runabout cars and even luxury cars available for you to use when you need them. Your one account gives your staff access to all of our vehicles so you can choose the kind you need to fit the work that needs doing.

You can supplement your fleet with GoGet

Of course, GoGet isn’t just for businesses that are getting off the ground. We work for those that already have a fleet of vehicles but are looking for a better solution or need to add access to an extra car here or there without having to buy a new one. You may even find that you can reduce your pool fleet and replace some cars with GoGet while keeping others. We’ll help you work out the most economical way to get your team around so you can always scale efficiently.

Got questions? Need advice? Want to know more about how GoGet allows your business to instantly scale? We can help! Drop us a line for more.