Your holiday is the perfect time to get some snaps that will capture special memories of perhaps once in a lifetime experiences, with the backdrop of a crystal clear ocean or an iconic monument. These photos can then be framed for the wall, shown off on a cushion or mug via Photobox or uploaded to Facebook to make your friends jealous. But, how do you get the perfect holiday photo? Here are a few tips that might just help…

It’s all about timing

You don’t need to have your eye to the screen at all times, just make sure you have your camera on you. Capturing the perfect photograph is often about timing – so make sure your camera is charged and to hand.

The natural shots

The natural shot - Holiday snap Photos can start to look staged when we stand awkwardly with a forced smile on our face. Often the best photos are those that catch the subject off guard with a natural smile and pose. The kids jumping into the pool, a look of tenderness between loved ones back-dropped by a sandy beach and palm trees or a look of complete content as your friend looks out on the vast ocean.


Steer clear of clichéd poses

clichéd poses - holiday snapHolding up the leaning tower of Pisa, pinching the top of the Taj Mahal, kissing the Sphinx, statue groping, hot dog legs on the beach – you get the point! Firstly you need to try and avoid all the other people doing these bizarre poses to do them yourself. Then once you have your holiday snap it will be identically to everyone else who has ever visited the attraction.

Take more than one

Multiple shot - Holiday snapSnap the shutter down several times, unless you are old school and use a disposable camera – in which case you will want to save those photos. However, the beauty of a digital camera or using your smartphone to take photos is that you can take as many as you wish and then only keep the ones you like, deleting the others. Taking several should guarantee one is perfect and it takes seconds to delete those ones where mum is looking in the wrong direction, dad’s eyes are shut and your little brother is pulling your sister’s hair as she bursts into tears.

Focus on one small detail rather than the whole landscape

You don’t need to fit in the entire landmark – little elements of the landmark can be just as impressive. For example, if you were trying to photograph the Eiffel Tower in Paris you would need to stand so far back to get the whole thing in the it would look small and perhaps less impressive. Take one from the ground below looking up, you won’t get it all in, but the monument is so iconic there is no questioning what it is.

Lighting is important

Perfect image - Holiday SnapIt is all about making the most of natural lighting when it comes to your holiday snap. Get up early, when no one else is around, and capture the sunrise, or stay late and capture the sunset. These beautiful colours and natural light beat using a flash!

But remember…

Don’t be so worried about capturing the perfect photo that you forget to enjoy the moment. You are in a beautiful destination that you may never visit again, so take time to appreciate it rather than looking at it all through a screen.   Naomi Webb is an enthusiastic freelance writer specialising in the latest family lifestyle content. She has written a broad range of content for a variety of audiences and loves to take on a writing challenge!