Tracey Warren

Tracey Warren
Professional Organiser

Getting dressed can be frustrating if your wardrobe is disorganised and overcrowded. Here is a guide to help you feel calm and in control as you get ready to head out the door:

1. Break it down into smaller tasks

Decluttering and organising your entire wardrobe is a fairly big job. Rather than never being able to do the whole lot, spend 10-15 minutes on one drawer or section of your wardrobe at a time.

2. Have a realistic purge

Take everything out and assess each item. Do you still want it? Not sure? Try it on. Note: It is okay to keep clothing that you love that is too tight. Just keep it separated from the clothing that you are currently using and bring it back to your wardrobe when it fits again. Sort out clothes you know you're not going to wear again

3. Make groups

Store your clothes in logical groups to make it easy to put an outfit together. In my wardrobe I have groups of dresses, coats, jumpers, blouses/shirts, skirts, trousers, long-sleeved tops, t-shirts and tank tops. Advanced tip: If you have lots of clothes, you could organise them by colour within each of these categories!

4. Buy good quality hangers

Invest in good quality hangers that are all the same. I like the slim flocked type. They aren’t too chunky, so they don’t take up too much valuable space, and the flocked, velvety finish prevents your clothes from slipping off. Replacing your old mis-matched hangers will instantly make your wardrobe look more organised.

5. Go vertical

Use the vertical space on the inside of your wardrobe doors or the side of your wardrobe to mount rails, hooks or small storage tubs. You can use these to store accessories like belts, ties, scarves and jewellery. It makes them accessible and easy to see. Vertical fixtures create space and make accessories more easy to find Tracey Warren is an Adelaide based Professional Organiser. She helps individuals, families and businesses to gain freedom from clutter and disorganisation. You can call Tracey on 0423 694 452 or visit her Facebook page.