Members are always telling us about cool ways they use GoGet, here’s one we are seeing a lot more of recently. People usually want their weekends away to start as soon as possible. This is especially true when you are heading out of the city after work on Friday. The sooner you get somewhere, the better. But people who work in the CBD often find they have to commute home first and leave from there wasting time and making things complicated. Many GoGet members have figured out a better way. By booking a car in the CBD – and there’s a wardrobe of great vehicles to choose from – they get to leave directly from work, no stuffing around with a commute back home. When the weekend’s over, they just return the car when they come back to work Monday. PrintAs some of you may already know, if you book an economy car for 3 or more days, GoGet will automatically give you a $19 off per day special price. We also have other options such as the POD specials (available on the website) which give you the $19 off per day also. Not only that, GoGet often has weekend getaway specials that make this option even sweeter. We want to hear your GoGet hack – tips and tricks for getting the most from your GoGet membership. The best one each month will win $25 driving credit. Email us here.