In business, it’s no secret that every dollar counts. And there’s not much worse than wasting money on underutilised resources. Fleet vehicles that aren’t being used to their full potential can be seriously draining on your budget and impact your bottom line. But I probably don’t have to tell you that, because if industry trends are anything to go by, there’s a good chance you’re already looking for way to reduce your fleet.

Well, look no further. Car sharing is quickly becoming the answer to high-density life in our modern cities but it’s not just for your average joe. Smart businesses are introducing services like GoGet to reduce their expensive fleet and tighten up their transport budgets.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying GoGet will completely replace your fleet, but there’s a good chance that your current setup isn’t serving your business in the most efficient way possible. Fleet cars come with a number of fixed costs that are only offset by regular use, like a cost per use setup. These include insurance, registration, servicing and maintenance, lease fees and parking, a particular killer if you’re in a CBD area. If your vehicle is going unused for regular intervals of time, it’s costing your business just have to have it sitting around doing nothing.

Then there are the ongoing costs that only increase with use like fuel, fleet management, paperwork and repairs. All of these expenses combined add up to one very expensive mode of transport for your staff.

We don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits all solution to staff transport which is why we work with our business clients to help them find the best solutions for them, and reduce their fleet through the use of GoGet where it’s going to be the smartest move.

Take our work with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE). GoGet has been supporting their fleet for around five years now and our impact on their bottom line has been progressive over the years as they’ve seen just how efficient reducing their fleet through GoGet can be.

“In 2014 we removed all pool vehicles within the Sydney CBD from the fleet with staff advised that they were to use car share vehicles when a vehicle was required to undertake their duties. This achieved significant savings not only in ongoing vehicle operating costs but also in parking costs,” says John Barlow, the Senior Manager of Fleet Operations for DPIE.

On the back of that success, we took a deeper dive into their operations, working with them to implement GoGet in regional NSW where we were able to help them reduce their fleet by a further four vehicles. 

“The use of car share vehicles has allowed the Department to remove almost 20 vehicles from our fleet representing over $250K in savings annually from our vehicle operating costs so far.”

Of course, GoGet isn’t all about budgets and bottom lines. We’re also helping our users help our planet. If your business doesn’t already have sustainability targets in place, what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time as reducing your fleet in favour of GoGet, is an efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint that doesn’t come with upfront costs like other eco-initiatives.

Each GoGet takes around 6-10 cars off the road. That’s a big hit to road congestion and carbon emissions produced by vehicles. You’ll be quickly on your way to reaching your environmental impact and reaching your businesses sustainability goals.

So now that we’ve given you the fleet reduction solution you’ve been looking for, sign up to GoGet to see how we can save you time, money and stress for yourself.