As if organising insurance and registration, remembering to book in that service and taking the time out to fuel up wasn’t enough hassle for car owners, there’s also road rules to be thinking about. While most of us are fairly well aware of the rules we have to follow while driving, there are plenty that apply when you’re not even in the car.

Though car sales are declining across Australia, the rate of car ownership is still outgrowing the number of car parking spaces available in our major cities. Particularly as urban sprawl continues to extend without better public transport infrastructure, spots in commercial parking lots continue to rise in price. Unless you’ve nabbed an apartment with a designated parking spot, there’s a good chance you’re parking on the street so it pays to be across all of the rules. 

One rule that causes confusion is whether you’re legally allowed to park your car on the wrong side of the road, that being with your driver’s side door against the kerb. There are people who stubbornly swear that you’re allowed to park the wrong way around in a spot while others are sure it’s a quick way to get a parking ticket, so what’s the deal?is it illegal to park on the wrong side of the road

Is it illegal to park on the right side of the road?

To clear confusion once and for all, it is illegal in all states of Australia to park your car in the opposite direction of traffic on a road. So, if you’re travelling on a two-way street and spot a car park on your right, you’re not allowed to duck over and park with your door at the kerb. You should always be parking on the left side of the road with the front of your car facing in the direction of traffic.

The only slight exception is when you’re travelling on a one-way street and the street signage indicates you can park on both sides, or the right side. In this case, your car will still be facing in the direction of traffic, but the driver’s side of your vehicle will be at the kerb.

There are a few reasons why it’s illegal to park on the wrong side of the road and they’re all to do with safety. Not only do you have to drive on the wrong side to park on the wrong side, you also have to do this to pull out of your spot, which can cause confusion for other drivers and increases the risk of accidents.

While it may be pretty low down on the priority list of the police and parking inspectors, you’ll still be hit with a ticket if you’re caught with your car parked on the wrong side, which will set you back at least a hundred dollars. Who wants to be paying for parking fines on top of every other expense a car brings? Not us!

If you want our advice on avoiding parking fines, or any car-related fines for that matter, we suggest ditching your car for good. It’s probably easier than you think.