Everyone has their pre-holiday season rituals. Couples gear up for arguments with their in-laws, op-shops prepare for an influx of terrible gifts, and movie critics re-write their Love Actually columns – it’s all about anticipation! That’s what makes November special. And as we ramp up to summer, those just-getting-hot-enough days are perfect to grab a car and drop by your favourite swimming hole.

So, we’re bringing the Christmas presents early! In this month’s newsletter, we bring discounts to save you holiday cash, we celebrate the marriage equality Yes vote, and we tell you just how much Aussies love their pets. (For the record, we think Love Actually is a classic tale of modern romance)

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Stuck for gifts? Here’s an idea (and a discount!) ??

Heading into Christmas we know how hard it can be to find presents. Luckily, long-term GoGet staff member Tanya runs a website and store called Lost Acre, where she makes and sells gorgeous flower brooches.

All her pins and wall hangings are up-cycled, which means they’re made from discarded material, not that you’d ever know! We love that focus on sustainability.

Her small pins would make great stocking fillers, and her large pins are a wonderful gift for someone special. Best of all, Tanya is offering GoGet members 10% off anything on her website. Just use the promo code ‘gogetflowers’ when you place an order.

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Tip of the month 

Australians are real animal lovers, with 60% of households owning some kind of pet. But our fondness for furry friends apparently isn’t supported by public transport policy. A recent study finds 95% of dog owners wanted less restrictions around taking pets on public transport, and that many would drive less if they had that option – something we’re definitely on board with!

Of course, GoGet helps you and your pets live without owning a car. We have lots of pet friendly GoGet cars to cater for Sir Barks-a-Lot and Miss Meow! If you don’t have a pet friendly car near you, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

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Love is Love ?‍❤️‍??

After months of campaigning, Australia has voted to allow same-sex partners to marry! Of the 12.7 million votes cast, 61.6% were returned in favour of marriage equality. To celebrate the result, Melbourne radio station Joy 94.9 fitted out Hartly the Carnival as a mobile radio studio! Hartly helped them broadcast from parties across Melbourne, and we were chuffed to be part of the fun! 

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New cars and pods – NSW

New cars and pods – QLD

New cars and pods – VIC

GoGet helps build a better Sydney ??

We’re really excited about a new trial we’re part of on the northern beaches! Along with the state government and Keolis-Downer, GoGet will help take people riding the B-line from their home to the bus stop.

This will replace the need for residents to drive themselves by giving them a lift. The project begins November 26th – if you know someone who might benefit from the service, head to Keoride.com.au.

And remember, if you have ideas for the future of NSW transport, you should give feedback to the state’s future transport strategy. These only happen every 10 years, and we’d love you to say how important car share is to you! You can leave feedback here. 

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GoGet is Hiring! ?

The best part of working at GoGet is the people you work with. They’re motivated, fun to be around, and help improve our cities. Maybe you’d like to join us? We’re looking for new recruits to join our Sydney team, with positions available in Sales and Fleet Operations. If you’re interested, apply on our jobs page today!

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Cool things our members are doing ?

Anton Mills is a Sydney photographer who takes some incredible landscape shots. This year, his photography has taken him from Hobart to Adelaide, and from Yosemite National Park to San Francisco in the US.

When he’s back home, Anton says GoGet gives him the flexibility to use a car when the conditions are just right for the perfect shot! That’s how he got the photo below, which he took on the way to Newnes campground in the NSW Central West.

We’ve featured more of Anton’s work on the GoGet blog, it’s well worth checking out!

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