To start the new year off, we’re all about going somewhere new, seeing something new and getting out of your comfort zone. To help you out, we have a great offer on Australia Day long weekend trips, and a few good ideas of where to head off to. We hope you had a restful break over Christmas, and are ready to embrace the new year with some new experiences!

Get out of the city for $165

Australia Day Special This Australia Day, we’re inviting you to expand your horizons and see more of your country. If you’re stuck in a triangle of work, home and local cafes, why not take advantage of the good weather and a long weekend? Gather up some friends for a summer road trip, and add some extra pins to your Instagram map. [this offer has now expired]


SeeAustralia The Grand Pacific Drive is a gorgeous ready-made road trip down to Wollongong and beyond. Begin by driving through the Royal National Park, stop in at Symbio Wildlife Park to cuddle a koala, drive over the ocean on the stunning Sea Cliff Bridge, and arrive in Wollongong for dinner and a fun night out. There is so much to see and do on your way down, so plan your trip here or on the Destination NSW website. If you live in Melbourne, The Western Freeway is an easy and absolutely stunning road trip to Ballarat through the orchards of Bacchus Marsh and the Brisbane Ranges. Stop for the farm gates and quaint hamlets to gorge yourself on fresh local produce, or make time to take the incredible cycling trails and bushwalks. Whatever you do, don’t speed through it! Plan your stops, detours and distractions here.

Tip of the Month

Watching-the-clock Next time you’re watching the clock, don’t stress! It’s super easy to extend your booking, both to bring your start date forward and your return date back. If you’re ever sitting around waiting for your booking to start, you can simply book the hour before your booking starts. Our system will merge it into your proper booking, so it’ll be included in your day rate and damage cover minimum (if applicable). If you’re running late, you can extend your booking by manually booking the hour after your booking ends, or by clicking your booking and selecting “extend”. You can also easily extend using our free iPhone app and mobile site. If another booking is blocking your ability to extend, give us a call. We can advise the next member that you’ll be a little late, and even move them to another car if there’s one nearby.  

New cars and pods

Thanks to our Council and developer partners, we’ve added new pods in the following Sydney locations: 

And in the following Melbourne locations:

The most convenient pod… Your place!

Nada How would you like a GoGet car right outside your front door? If you live in Melbourne and would like to have the most convenient pod ever, we’re looking for unused driveways, off-street parking and accessible car parks to use as GoGet pods. If you’ve gotten rid of your car since joining GoGet and don’t need your Melbourne off-street space, get in touch to organise your very own pod.  

Arrivederci Alfa Romeo

AlfaWedding We’re sorry to see our Italian friends go, but our members have spoken and we’re now all-Audi. We’ll always have our memories. We may be looking to add another premium brand to complement the Audi, but we’re not sure yet. If you have a good idea, let us know here. If your choice ends up as our choice, you could win a free weekend in the car!

Star in our video

Video Does your business use GoGet to get around? Do you think we’re pretty alright? We’re looking for businesses who use GoGet to feature in a couple case study videos. We’re interested in the experience of larger businesses who balance GoGet with a corporate fleet, especially fleet managers or purchasers. To provide a bit more colour, we’re also interested in any business who uses GoGet and enjoys the experience. If you’d like to share, get in touch here.

Heading North

Dee Why Life in the beautiful Northern Beaches just got a little better – GoGet has arrived! We heard at Surf and Turf that GoGet would be a welcome addition to Sydney’s north, and it just so happens that Warringah Council have been mulling a carshare trial for Dee Why. For the trial period we have two cars at Dee Why Library, and two pods near The Strand – one on Pacific Parade and another on Dee Why Parade. They seem to be quite popular, so we’re excited about expanding more widely in Warringah Council in the near future. If you’ve never been to Dee Why, why not pay a visit this summer? There’s good food with views on The Strand, the beaches are far less crowded than Bondi and Coogee, and it’s only a half hour drive north of the city.

Cool things our members are doing

midsumma_guide_cover Midsumma Festival is Melbourne’s 3 week long celebration of arts, culture and the LGBTI community, and this year they’re getting around courtesy of GoGet! They’ll be getting around a lot; the festival is absolutely massive with 141 events over 100 venues. The program includes the Midsumma CarnivalPride MarchT Dance as well as art exhibitions, live music, film and cultural events of all shapes and sizes. Midsumma Festival begins this Sunday and runs until the 8th of February. If you’re not already in Melbourne, it’s worth the short jaunt down to see an event or two, and you might even see us there with our GoGet stall! Check out the program and buy tickets here.