This month, we’re all about doing it better. We’re helping you upgrade your lounge room with free IKEA sofa delivery, a young friend is working on a solution to illegal parking in pods, and we’re hiring new staff to take our service to the next level. We’re also helping you live the good life, with free entry to Spring Cycle 2014, tickets to the Possible Worlds Film Festival, and a discounted day out in a fancy car!

Your new IKEA sofa, home free

Get your IKEA sofa home free   IKEA and GoGet are good friends, so they came to us to offer something special with their big new sofa sale. From now until the 23rd of July, IKEA is giving you a free GoGet van to get your new sofa home! Along with 50% off fabric sofa covers (which gives a big saving on the sofa itself), they’re giving GoGet members 3 hours and 75km free to get it home the same day. We want to see some DIYDIA (do it yourself delivery in action), so we’ll give you an extra hour free if you post an action photo doing the delivery to our Facebook page. Be creative, because the best entry will also win a $1000 IKEA gift card!

Young Explorers ICT competition

Evan People parking in GoGet pods is very annoying, but one day it may be completely eliminated thanks to our young friend Callum. For his entry to the Young ICT Explorers competition, Callum is proposing a smart device that attaches to a pod’s sign post. The device can tell if an unauthorised car is parked in a pod, and then display a message, call council rangers, and alert the absent member. Callum is on our homepage as part of a GoGet family case study, and now he’s helping us solve the challenges of carshare. Thanks Callum, and good luck at the competition!

GoFrequent and GoOccasional members

GoGet Audi A1 Every month, we have a new special offer for our GoOccasional and GoFrequent members. It’s our way of giving you more for your membership! Have you ever lingered at the sporty black Audi on your street? Do you pine for a day with a hot red Alfa Romeo? Access to gorgeous luxury cars is one of the perks of GoGet, but we know it can sometimes be difficult to justify if you’re just getting from A to B. We’d like to invite our GoFrequent and GoOccasional members to take an Alfa or Audi for a special day out. Until the end of August, you can get one day in a premium brand car for just $50. Simply book one near you as normal, and fill in this form to validate the pricing. Please note that vans, utes, people movers and other premium vehicles aren’t included, Audis and Alfas only.

Come join us!

This month, we have a really exciting job on offer. We’re looking for aHead of Customer Experience, someone who is an experienced trainer and customer service expert to ensure we always deliver a world class customer experience. If you think you know someone, we’re offering $1000 driving credit for a successful referral! Check out the job here. Our backend and engineering arm Fleetcutter are also hiring for an important role. They’re after a Lead Developer with great development and testing skills and experience managing a team. This role will play a crucial part in the future growth and development of GoGet, and if you’re excited by that, please get in touch! We also have a full time Customer Service role open in Member Services, and even more positions are on their way. Keep an eye on our Positions Vacant page and be part of GoGet’s success.

New cars and pods

Thanks to our development and council partners, we now have cars in the following new Sydney locations:

Possible Worlds

Possible Worlds The Possible Worlds Film Festival is in its 9th year running, and its 3rd year of GoGet sponsorship! The Festival showcases the best of independent cinema from Canada and the US, and we’re always very proud to be part of it. We want you to join in, so we have 5 double passes to give to 5 lucky members. All you need to do is pick a movie from the program, and write us a funny synopsis or review based on the title alone. You can draw on the actual movie, or completely depart from it, we just want to see something creative, clever and funny. View the full program on the Possible Worlds website, then give us your best on our Facebook page.



Tip of the Month

Ever wonder why our cars have people names? It’s not to be cute (although it is!), it’s so you can make sure you are at the right car without having to memorise a number plate. Especially in dual pods and “superpods”, it can be hard to tell the difference between similar cars parked near each other. If you’re not good with names, the number plate, car type and colour is in your Booking Confirmation email along with the fuel PIN, so double-check quickly as you arrive.

Spring Cycle 2014

Spring Cycle 2014 We know that we have a lot of dedicated cyclist members, so we’d like to get you all together for Spring Cycle 2014! Spring Cycle is an annual event that involves riding from North Sydney, over the Sydney Harbour Bridge through to Olympic Park. The event isn’t until the 19th of October, but now’s the time to buy tickets and organise teams. We’re offering free entry and prizes for a small GoGet team, so get in touch here if you’re interested!

Cool things our Councils are doing

Leichhardt Council ebikes   Our friends at Leichhardt Council have been doing a lot to embrace alte rnative transport, and are big believers in carshare to help solve traffic issues in the inner west. Their latest initiative to get cars off the road is a new fleet of electric bikes, giving councillors and council staff a better way to get to meetings and site visits. The bikes have a little electric motor to provide assistance up hills and on longer journeys, and a saddle bag for holding documents and a computer. We think it’s a great initiative, and will help free up parking and road congestion in the local government area.

Cool things our members are doing

Street Food Blog GoGet members Alison and Shawn find GoGet perfect for their adventures around Sydney. Together, they run the Army of Nerds eBay store selling the best finds in secondhand books, and theStreet Food blogcataloguing the best in hidden, cheap, delicious food places around Sydney. They use GoGet to explore Sydney, visit places off the beaten track, and carry home their finds. Alison and Shawn show how GoGet can really expand your horizons, and gives you the flexibility to use a car when it benefits, and eschew driving when it doesn’t.