This month we’re all about making things better, easier and more convenient. We’re launching two new features to make GoGet even easier to use, and introducing you to a few new services that will help you live the good life. Check out our pod specials below, and remember you still have until the end of July to book our Winter Wonderland special.

Bookings on the Half Hour

GoGet Half Hour bookings You’ve asked for it, so we’re doing it! Bookings on the half hour will be rolled out on August 1st. Our members in Adelaide have been trialling it for the past few months (thank you!), and we’re now ready to make it prime time and roll it out nationwide. From August 1st, you’ll be able to book on the half hour. What does this mean?

  • Book from 12:30 to 2:00, and pay 1.5 hours
  • Book from 12:30 to 2:30, and pay 2 hours
  • Extend your booking for half an hour
  • A minimum booking time of 1 hour still applies

Keep an eye out for the smaller time slots on the booking system and iPhone app. We hope you enjoy!

Fill up anywhere with Motorpass

GoGet MotorpassAnother thing we’ve heard from you is that it’s not always easy to find a BP or Caltex to fill up. Well, we have some good news! Motorpass fuel cards will be fitted to all new and existing cars over the coming weeks, and are accepted at over 90% of petrol stations nationwide (and pretty much all stations in major cities). They come in beautiful GoGet colours, and have the name of the car, alongside the correct fuel type, printed on the card. Most cars at the moment still have BP and Caltex cards, so make sure you check which fuel card your car has before rolling into any petrol station.


The Big Issue - MarcusWe’d do anything for our friends at The Big Issue, and that’s about to be tested on Heartbreak Hill. This year we’re joining The Big Issue’s team for City2Surf, to help them raise money. We’re trying to raise $20,000, so we’d really appreciate your donations to make the long slog worth it! You can sponsor (or join) The Big Issue team here. If you don’t know them, The Big Issue is an independent magazine sold by homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people as a way to earn a meaningful income. They also have the Women’s Subscription Enterprise providing job opportunities for disadvantaged women. We use this service to make our member packs!

Tip of the Month

Just like filling up when you get below ¼ of a tank, checking for damage is Check for damageone of the golden rules of carshare. We don’t ask you to scour the car or take photos of every inch of the surface, but your help reporting dents, major scratches and other damage helps us keep the fleet looking good and performing at its best. You should always give the car a quick once-over before swiping on. If you notice any damage, check the damage log in the co-pilot (in your glove box), and call us to report anything that isn’t there. You’re welcome to leave a voicemail, just press 2 when you call. If you don’t check for damage, you may be asked about damage you didn’t do.

Enjoy your weekends

HelplingEach month we have a special offer for GoFrequent and GoOccasional members. It’s our way of giving something a little extra for your membership! Ever had a great weekend out, spending time with friends, road tripping or exploring your neighbourhood, only to realise on Sunday night that you still need to vacuum? There are a hundred million things better to do with your weekends than cleaning, so get a professional to do it with our friends at Helpling. Helpling connects you with local, experienced and insured cleaners, and all you need to do is book on the website. This month Helpling is offering a free 3 hour clean (worth $87) for the first GoOccasional or GoFrequent member to email the correct answer to this question: Who invented the vacuum cleaner? Plus, every GoOccasional and GoFrequent member who has a guess will receive 10% off their first 3 cleans with Helpling, so if you don’t win the clean, you can still get a Helpling hand. Give us your best guess here before the end of July.

Divvy up your car park

It’s been ages since you needed to own your own car, so has your car park becomDivvye neglected and forlorn? Give it some love (and make some money) with Divvy! People use Divvy to rent car parks from people who don’t need theirs. On the other side of the coin, you can use Divvy to offer up your empty car space, and earn some rent from your unused realestate. Whether your car park is secure, unsecure, open air or undercover, if you don’t use it, Divvy will help you find someone who will! Earn an extra $30 on top of your first booking when you use promo code GoGet on sign-up.


Moet the FrenchieWe LOVE dogs at GoGet. We have dog-friendly cars, support dog-friendly offices, and we haven’t started a dog share scheme yet but we’ve talked a lot about it. Unfortunately, not everyone can bring their dog to work, and you can’t take your dog on every holiday. If you don’t want to leave your fur baby all alone, consider using Pawshake to find someone else to give them food and pats. Pawshake connects you to people who love animals even more than us (and who are probably more qualified to look after them). Whether you’re going on a long holiday and need a boarding place, or want someone to visit your pet when you’re at work for a walk and a tummy scratch, Pawshake’s pet sitters are flexible and don’t cost a lot of money. Our favourite thing about Pawshake (and the internet) right now is their Wall of Paws! Best avoid it if you’re busy.

Cool things our members are doing

Nikolas Stencil Artist Nikolas is a Brisbane stencil artist, and uses GoGet cars to lug all his equipment to on-site installation works. We found his Instagram and really like his stuff! You can check out his striking, animal themed murals around Brisbane on his Instagram, and buy a shirt or take-home piece of art on his Squarespace store. Glad we can help you get around and make Brisbane a more colourful place, Nikolas!