53318df0-e109-4813-941f-cf94fd40d3f7 It’s getting to that point in winter when things are getting a bit sad. What’s outside? What’s fresh air? What are shorts?! This month, we want you to try your best to shake off the cabin fever, put on a woolly jumper and find another reason to go outside besides Pokemon Go. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

The Holiday for Banks

574e089c-9c20-44ee-83ce-72239b409bfcWe’ve got a Bank Holiday coming up on the 1st of August! Don’t get excited, here “Bank Holiday” literally means “a holiday for banks (and bankers)”. So unless you’re in the finance industry, no holiday for you.

However, if you do work for a bank, or just want to have Monday the 1st of August off anyway, we’re offering 3 days for the price of 2 as a great long weekend special.

Take an economy car from a CBD pod between the 29th of July and the 2nd of August, and get 1 day free! Book your car here, and use the promo code BANK16.

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Back to ClassFriends using digital tablet in the park

The winter break never seems to last very long, and our thoughts are with all the uni students facing the prospect of going back to the books soon.

With all the costs of uni, GoGet is a great way to see the parents, move house and do adult things without being burdened with a car loan or an expensive old bomb.

If you know any full-time students who could make their lives a little easier with GoGet, send them over to goget.com.au/students. Full time uni and TAFE students get free membership, very low hourly and day rates, and no deposit (just a $250 preauth). As a reminder, if a new member joins and gives your name as a referral, both of you get $25 free driving credit!

Student Rates

Tip of the month

4829f5a7-b4c1-42bf-9947-8178de4aa20dWhere are the keys this time?

We install car keys on a retractable cord, so that they’re meant to hang from under the steering wheel, and zip back neatly into place when you remove them from the ignition.

However, we’ve heard from some members that in their local car, the keys go on a bit of a journey and find themselves in the door pocket, in the centre console, or even on the floor near the pedals.

If the keys have gone walkabout in your car, let us know and we’ll re-attach the clip. If you’d like to have a go re-attaching it yourself, the metal device that holds the retractable cord has a metal clip, which fits into a lip on the underside of the steering wheel column. For some cars (notably vans), the device is glued on, so if that’s come off we’ll need to come and do it. Also, if the cord itself has broken, or the entire thing has come apart, please let us know so we can replace it.

New cars and pods

Emo the Musical

33fb6975-5a18-480d-a0e6-8929cfbdcd68What happens when a brooding, moody high-school emo falls for a happy, God-loving Christian believer? A tragic story of forbidden love, Emo the Musical is having its worldwide premier at the Melbourne International Film Festival this August. We’re super excited, not least because it features a little GoGet cameo! It looks like it’s going to be a great Aussie flick, so buy tickets to the premier, and check out the rest of the MIFF program while you’re there. We know making a film requires a lot of zipping around and shifting gear, so we were happy to support Emo the Musical in getting up and running. If you’re making a film, TV show or anything else, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Take the pledge with us

a858637f-0756-44df-89b2-6d8fef3999d2Climate change is a big deal for us here at GoGet, so we’ve signed on as a founding partner of TAKE2, the Vic Government’s action plan to keep global warming below 2º. Victoria has a target of net zero emissions by 2050, and that’s not something the government can do on their own. Businesses, government agencies and people like you all need to work together to make it happen. We’re here for it, and we want you to be as well!

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Enter Sydneyvision and go places

0de508f1-d6bc-4b4f-93d0-9d9169d7eedcIt’s nearly time for Sydneyvision, and there’s still time to write a ballad to your suburb, take an epic photo and make your entry. If you’ve got the music in you, but aren’t too sure how to get it out there, Sydneyvision sponsor Bunk Bed Beats are here for you! They have a fully equipped studio in Redfern, people on hand to help you use it, and provide guidance with your songwriting and production. It’s all very affordable, and you get 15% off if you’re doing a Sydneyvision entry. Entering Sydneyvision is a great way to get your music career/hobby/interest started. The winner gets $2000 (courtesy of us), an Artist Empowerment package with Bunk Bed Beats, and a spot at Newtown Festival to perform to a real life crowd! Runners up also get cash and packages with Bunk Bed Beats, so even if you’re not number 1 you can still get some great support. Entries close 1 August, and we all get to see all the amazing songs on 31 August at Dendy Opera Quays. We might have some tickets to the red carpet event to give to our members, so keep an eye on our Facebook page through August.

Take a Bike Rack for a spin

c0834664-a4bd-4c0f-b849-e8ed97cebd7bWe know how much Canberrans are into their cycling, so we’re installing bike racks on four of our Canberra cars! The cars will be equipped with two upright bike carriers that go on the roof racks, and they should appear in the next two weeks. They’re very sturdy and safe, don’t require you to remove wheels, and keep your bikes safely out of harm’s way from other cars. When the bike racks are installed, the cars will appear here. This is the first time we’ve put bike racks on our cars, so we’re eager to hear how you find them. If you would like to try one out with your bike before taking a big trip, make a 1 hour booking and let us know. As long as you only drive a short distance, we’ll credit the trip for you.

Chill Out in Canberra

bde02f69-6fab-4a00-aea9-fb829e34ce35We all know things can get a bit boring in winter. It’s dark after work, the weather may or may not let you go outside on the weekend, and you’re probably saving your annual leave for the good months. Well, did you know there’s a whole other city you can get to in just a few hours? Canberra is great for a weekend trip, whether you go mountain biking, visit the stunning Arboretum, or check out the latest exhibition at the NGA, it’s a whole change of scenery without too much effort. To make your Canberra trip super easy, fly or take the express coach down and book a car to use while you’re there. That way you can let someone else do the Hume Hwy stretch while you take a kip, and still get around Canberra on your own terms.

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Cool things our members are doing

53deadbf-e280-48ce-a3c5-06e6cc6f51c9Last month we featured 3000acres, a handy Melbourne-centred service for transforming unloved parcels of land into amazing community gardens. We asked if you knew anything like it for Sydney and other cities, and we got a lot of responses! A few people told us about their involvement with the Coal Loader in North Sydney, which is a fantastic example of what the community can do when it’s given a big old abandoned space and allowed to transform it. More recently, Camperdown Bowling Club is currently being transformed into the urban farm called Camperdown Commons by some members volunteering with Pocket City Farms. They ran a crowdfunding campaign and enlisted the community to reinvent the space, and they’re looking for their next project. If you’re interested in getting your hands dirty but aren’t too keen on farming, a member wrote in about volunteering with Bushcare. Angela has spent 18 years maintaining and restoring native habitats and parklands in some very beautiful parts of Sydney, and they can always do with some help. If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us. The GoGet Team