It’s World Cup time! Offices everywhere are buzzing with trash talk, bitter divisions between Europe and South America are surfacing, and we’re all in for a month of late nights and sleep deprivation. It’s sleep that is well needed here at GoGet, because we’ve had a busy month of launches, events and exciting collaborations. Central Park launched, a special guest came all the way from San Fran to talk to us, and we’re hiring new people to join our team. The pace is set to continue with even more coming in the following months, so read up and stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter.

Central Park

Central Park 3 The high profile Central Park development in Chippendale has just opened a GoGet SuperPod, “super” for both the diversity of vehicles and the sheer amount – no less than 44 in one car park! Once it’s fully stocked, GoGet members will have access to every kind of vehicle in our fleet, and you don’t even have to live in Central Park! Everybody living in nearby Chippendale, Ultimo, Haymarket and the southern end of the CBD will benefit from the SuperPod, especially those who need a special vehicle which may not live in their street. Central Park consider the GoGet SuperPod part of the development’s “green infrastructure”, along with its trigeneration plant and on-site water recycling. Because it’s so well located, residents largely don’t drive for the 9-5 commute, and having GoGet on-site lets them do without owning a car at all. We’re thrilled to be part of Central Park, and this new wave of inner city living.

Future of Transport

Tim AECOM and GoGet had a distinguished guest last week.Tim Papandreou, the Director of Strategic Planning & Policy for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, came to chat to us and Sydney local government reps about future trends in transport. From high speed rail to bike lanes, San Francisco represents the future of transport in big cities. Did you know some buildings in San Fran give you an all expenses paid transit pass, just for living there? And that the city has sensors in street car parks, so you can use an app to find a free space? Tim is really enthusiastic about car sharing after seeing what it has done in San Francisco, so you should feel good about being part of the future of sustainable transport – there’s a lot to feel good about. You can keep up with events like this by following us on Twitter. Check out @GoGet, we’re very interesting.  

GoOccasional and GoFrequent members

Movies Each month we like to give something special to our GoFrequent and GoOccasional members. It’s our way of giving you extra for your membership! Last month we took you to the movies, giving you a free booking with 2 movie tickets. This time we’ll turn it around, and give you free movie tickets with your booking! Pre-book a car for a day in July or August, fill in this form, and we’ll give you a free movie ticket. You get 1 movie ticket per day, up to 4 in total. It can be any car, and the days can either be continuous or spread out over the two months, but they can’t be cancelled. Pre-book your days using this form before the end of June.

Mandarin Picking

Mandarins-2 Along with fireplaces and warm hugs, mandarins are definitely one of the best things about winter. Ford’s Farm in beautiful Wisemans Ferry is a wondrous place where you can go to pick your own! Once you’re done wandering around the orchards and picking the best fruit you can find, Ford’s have a picnic area where you can eat your mandarins and hang with theirflock of sheep. The sheep don’t eat fruit, but you can feed them some of the provided hay. Now’s the time to go, with the season closing at the end of July. Ford’s Farm is an hour’s drive out of Sydney, up north near Dharug National Park. In Melbourne, Rayners Orchard is trialling a Japanese variety that grows in the frosty Yarra Valley, and you can try it for yourself on one of their orchard tours! Even though Rayners is normally all about summer stonefruit, it’s a beautiful place to visit in winter with tractor tours through the orchards, scones and local jam high tea at Peach Cafe, and little berry seedlings to take home and plant for summer. Rayners Orchard is an hour’s drive east out of Melbourne, close to Kurth Kiln and Bunyip State Park. We think there’s more to do in Australia than go to the beach, and we’ve put together a blog post of things to do over winter. Clearly we don’t know everything, so we’d like your input! Tell us what you do in winter in the blog comments, or head to our Facebook page.

Come join us!

We love it when GoGet members (and members’ friends) come to work for us. This month we have a good range of jobs available, with even more to come. Check out our Positions Vacant page for our current Member Services (Glebe), Junior Developer (Glebe) and Brand Ambassador (Melbourne) roles. We will be posting more ads soon for roles in marketing, applications and admin, so keep an eye on the Positions Vacant page. You can also like us on Facebook and we’ll post them as they arrive.

Tip of the Month

dirty car Nobody likes getting a dirty car! We have a team of cleaners who regularly look after our vehicles, but we need your help to keep our cars clean too. At the end of your trip, please remember to take your rubbish with you. Your old coffee cup, parking tickets or fast food wrappers might seem innocuous, but they’re gross for other people. If you’ve been carrying mulch, pot plants and loose, messy things, spare a few minutes and sweep up anything that may have spilt, even in the boot. You never know what the next member might need to put on top of that mess after you. If you ever arrive at a car that is dirty, please send us an email and we’ll have a cleaner go around. If the car is undriveable, call us and we’ll move you to another car. Reporting dirty cars when you see them will help us identify messy members and keep the fleet nice and clean for everybody!

New Cars and Pods

Thanks to our development and council partners, we now have cars in the following new Sydney locations:

…and in the following Melbourne locations:

Shitbox Rally

rallythefuture This year GoGet played a small part in the Shitbox Rally, a community-led fundraising event for the Cancer Council. Rally the Future needed our help with their internet-connected car, so we kitted out an old VT Commodore with GoGet gear to make the journey from Perth to Darwin. By connecting the car’s functions to the internet, people could donate money to turn the air conditioning off and make the team listen to their choice of music. It worked, because they reached their $20,000 target, making them one of the top 5 fundraisers. You can go through the trip on the Rally the Future Twitter feed.

Radiance Darling Harbour

Radiance Many of our business members are architects and developers, and we love seeing what they’re up to. One such member, Loftex, got in touch to tell us about the beautiful Radiance Apartments which they’re currently developing. Located just behind the new Darling Quarter area on Day St, Radiance will have a striking profile in folded gold mesh, fitting into the stunning architecture starting to pop up around Darling Harbour, Chinatown and UTS. The apartments will have views over Darling Harbour and the new Convention Centre (after it has been rebuilt!) and, of course, GoGet on-site in the car park downstairs. Check out the Radiance Apartments website if you’re in the market, or head over to Loftex’s homepage to see what else they have done. If you’re an architect, developer or designer and use GoGet for your work, we’d love to see what you’re up to and share it with our members! Get in touch here.

Studio Nine

Studio nine Having GoGet on-site is quickly becoming a must-have for new developments in Melbourne. Of course it’s a great service for residents and owners, but nearby locals and businesses draw a lot of value from it too. The latest development to be on board is Studio Nine in Richmond, which will soon have residents and 2 GoGet cars moving in to live on-site. Built out of the old Channel 9 studios, communal kitchen gardens, natural building materials, maintenance of heritage buildings and integrated rainwater collection make Studio Nine an enjoyable and environmentally sustainable place to live. Plus, being so close to all Richmond has to offer, residents can rely on walking, cycling, public transport and GoGet instead of owning a car. If you live nearby, the Studio Nine pods are now available for everybody to use, or if you’d prefer to move in check out the Studio Nine website.

Nest Coworking

Nest Our team in Melbourne have recently embraced a different kind of collaborative service.Nest Coworking is a place where people who work from home can come and work in a proper office setting, complete with desks, meeting rooms and other people. Nest is very much like GoGet for office space, and if you’ve ever freelanced (or worked for an interstate company) you’ll know how valuable it can be to have proper office facilities and people around, even if you don’t want to talk to them. You can even invite clients around! Check out Nest here, and you might even bump into our state manager Justin.

Bike Share Helmets

To help our members who use Melbourne Bike Share, we began putting free helmets in our cars in 2013. Instead of being taken home, they’ve started to accumulate! Please feel free to take Bike Share helmets from the cars. Of course, you can even use them if you’re not bike sharing, and just riding your own bike.

Cool things our members are doing

Bikesforhumanity   Do you have a bike that is wasting away? Lots of people do! Whether they’ve been supplanted by something a little nicer, or just never got used much to begin with, there are a lot of unused bikes in garages, sun rooms and apartment building common areas around the country. Bikes for Humanity collect unwanted bikes and transport them in a shipping container to towns in Africa. The bikes are used by locals who normally have to walk long distances and carry heavy items, saving them a huge amount of time and effort, and the container is converted into a bike workshop. Each workshop employs 3 bike mechanics and a store manager, and supports local health care workers to deliver medicines. Bikes for Humanity President and GoGet member Reid McNamara uses GoGet vans to transfer bikes, gear, parts and tools during bike donation days, vans he would ordinarily have to buy and look after full time. We’re pleased to help him on this project. Check out the Bikes for Humanity website to see when you can next donate a bike (a container just left for Nambia), and how to donate your time or money.