This month’s newsletter is one for the fans. We’re celebrating 14 years of GoGet, inviting you to include GoGet in your company’s perks package, teaching you how to do advanced car searches, and telling you about the hottest hangout for GoGet members in Melbourne. We’ve also got two exciting engineering jobs we’d love you to apply for, and two more weekends left of our super winter getaway special. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

Happy birthday to us ?

Did you know GoGet started back in 2003? Our founders Nic and Bruce had a stand at the 2002 Newtown Festival, inviting people to rethink owning a car in favour of sharing one with their neighbours. Soon after, with 12 founding members and 3 cars, Newtown Carshare was launched on 6 June, 2003. Fast forward to 2017, and we just celebrated our 14th birthday! We now have 2300 cars and over 90,000 members, and operate in suburbs all over Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide – not just Newtown and Glebe! It’s hard to imagine our city streets without the ubiquitous orange wing mirror around. We know a huge part of our growth has been from members telling friends and family about GoGet and explaining how carshare works – so from all of us here at GoGet, a big thank you to you and your big mouths. As a bit of a throwback, here’s one of our very first cars at a stall at Glebe markets!

GoGet a workplace perk

Recently we’ve been working with companies to include a pretty good GoGet deal as part of their staff benefits programs. We know everyone loves a workplace perk, and we’d love to extend one to you! If your work has an employee benefits program and you’d like GoGet to be part of it, let us know so we can work it out. Shoot us an email here explaining a bit about how your program works, and how service providers can get involved. If all goes well, you could be enjoying even more perks from your work and saving a bit of money on GoGet, and just think how grateful your colleagues will be!

Winter weekends

Did you spend the Queen’s Birthday long weekend rugged up at home relaxing? No judgement here, in fact we’re giving you two more opportunities to have a weekend getaway! Our 30WW special is still running for this weekend and next. That gives you 30% off a full weekend booking, on any car from a CBD pod. The special works for bookings any time between Friday 4pm to Monday 9am, so you can drive home Friday and back on Monday, and keep a car to yourself for the whole weekend.

Book in now

Tip of the month

When you use the desktop booking system, the first thing you see is our “Day View”. It’s an easy and direct way to see cars near you, and if they’re available or not. However, if you have specific or complex requirements for a vehicle, hunting through the Day View can get a bit complicated. That’s why we’ve built an advanced search function called “Car Search“, that lets you specify exactly what you want and does the searching for you! Need an 8 seater people mover for 8 hours on the 8th of July? Or a car with roof racks near Melbourne Airport for 48 hours this weekend? It’s easy to find exactly what you need with the Car Search! Check out it out today, it’s at the top of the booking system in the tabs.

New cars and pods – NSW

New cars and pods – SA

New cars and pods – VIC

Calling all programmers

Our software engineering team are currently hiring for 2 new roles, both great opportunities to join the company and work on what makes GoGet tick. We’re after a lead developer, a senior role that will lead the team, and a mid-level developer to work on end-to-end development of projects. The team is open to people with all kinds of experience and skill sets for what they can bring to the company, and we especially like to have GoGet members join the team. If you’re interested in contributing to GoGet, we encourage you to apply!

Think of the impact

To a cyclist, a car door flung open is like a wall appearing from nowhere. Far too often cyclists crash when people open their car door without thinking, sometimes with terrible consequences. When Sydney Cycleways told us about their Think of the Impact campaign, we were eager to be involved. They sent us these little stickers, which we’ve put on the driver side wing mirror, as a reminder to look for cyclists before opening your door. We’re currently rolling these stickers out across the fleet, but even if your local car doesn’t have one, please “Think of the Impact” and get in the habit of looking out before you open. You can also order your own stickers – for cars and bikes – from the Sydney Cycleways website.

Cool things our members are doing

Turns out many of our members in Melbourne are working and hanging out together! Last year the Dream Factory opened in Footscray, transforming a huge old printing house into Australia’s first co-working space dedicated to design, technology and social impact. It’s not just a place to work, Inspire9 turn the Dream Factory into an collaborative incubator for businesses doing amazing things, with their trademark community management and social magic. It’s doing such a good job at attracting social enterprises and creative startups, that we found a lot of our business members in Melbourne sharing a particular address in Footscray! To be part of the magic, we’ve worked with the Dream Factory to deliver an on-site GoGet pod and serve our amazing business members better. If you’re in Melbourne and getting started with a social enterprise or have a world-changing business idea, why not book a tour of the Dream Factory and see if they can’t help you along.