As normality sets in after a hectic holiday period, we’ve got some ideas to keep you busy. There are two more weekends left to snag a car for 40% off so you can go somewhere fun, there’s a cool gardening workshop we think you’ll love, and we need your help in building our latest new things.*|ELSE:|*As normality sets in after a hectic holiday period, we’ve got some ideas to keep you busy. We’ve got a long weekend special for the 13th of March, a great offer on Sydney Airport cars for those of you coming to Mardi Gras, and we need your help in building our latest new things. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

What’s all the fuss about?

Sydney has no shortage of great places to go and things to see – the problem is everyone else wants to go too! If crowds aren’t your thing, there’s probably a long list of spots you wouldn’t go near over the silly season. But with school holidays over and no long weekends or public holidays on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to see what all the fuss is about. Want to have lunch at The Grounds of Alexandria, pay a visit to Taronga Zoo’s newest fluff, and go for a splash at Balmoral or even Wattamolla? There’s no better time than boring old late February to see the best of Sydney, without the rest of Sydney. To help you explore, we’ve got a great special on CBD cars until the end of February. Take a car home after work on Friday, return it Monday morning, and keep it for the whole weekend with 40% off your day rate. All cars are covered except convertibles, people movers and vans – just use promo code WCBD17 when you book.

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Volunteer for GoGet Labs

Did you know that we involve real members when we develop new systems, products and projects? You’ll be the ones using them, after all! It’s through our GoGet Labs program, and we’re currently accepting new participants. We have some very exciting projects that are now ready for testing. We need your feedback! Put your name down to fill out surveys, attend our workshops and demonstrations, and even come in for one-on-one interviews. You’ll be invited to each individually, there’s no obligation to be involved, and we do offer rewards for participation – so there’s usually something in it for you too!

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Make your balcony flourish

Is your balcony a bit of an empty, dusty plant graveyard? Do you dream of moving onto a piece of land and growing your own food? Stop dreaming, and learn to work with what you have! Green Villages are holding workshops to show renters, apartment dwellers and everyone shed-less and quarter-acre-block-less how to grow food anywhere. It covers growing food in small spaces, when to water, soil and composting fundamentals, and what food crops to get started with. Read the short how-to guide here, and if you’re hooked, register for an intensive workshop. You’ll be pottering around in your very own urban paradise before you know.

New cars and pods – NSW

New cars and pods – VIC

Tip of the month

The panic of realising you’ve left something behind can be a shock, but if you’ve left something in a GoGet, try not to worry! The good thing is, most of our members are very cool people and just want to make sure you get your things back. For small things that aren’t too valuable, we ask members to use the glove box as a little lost and found centre. Find something? Pop it in the glove box. Leave something behind? Check the glove box. If the item in question is too big or too valuable for a glove box, please give us a call. We’ll do everything we can to re-unite an item with its owner.

Brand new cars

One of the best things about being a GoGet member is getting a brand new car, without having to front up for one yourself! New cars don’t just smell nice and look shiny, they also have all the latest safety features and efficiency improvements. That means they’re nicer to drive, safer, and better cars to have on the road for everyone’s sake. Over March and April we’ll be replacing about 100 cars, including Yaris, Corolla and RAV4 models. We’re also adding more Carnival people movers and our trusty vans, because we know how handy they are. Some of the new cars will feature advanced collision detection and avoidance technology – amazing stuff that used to only appear in high end cars. These cars will tell you if you drift out of your lane on a highway, alert you to an oncoming collision, and even stop the car to avoid impact in emergencies. Hopefully you’ll never notice these features, but they’re just one way new cars do more to keep you safe on the road.

GoGet off street

You’re probably used to using GoGet cars that live on the street, but we also have off-street pods located in apartment buildings, office towers and other car parks all over the city! These off-street pods usually have a large range of cars to choose from, and might be located near your work, near a hotel you’re staying at, or even near your home. We’re launching a new feature that makes it easier to use these off-street pods. You’ll no longer have to book a separate “ENTRY” along with your car. Simply book the car you want, and your smartcard details will be sent to the building entry system as well as the car itself.

Back to school

Do you know someone starting, or going back to, university this year? With expensive materials, tonnes of readings and a lot of stress to cope with, we know being a student isn’t all sleeping in and playing ultimate frisbee. That’s why we offer free membership with discounted rates to all full time students, whether they study at university, TAFE or a private college. If you refer a student to join GoGet, not only will you be saving them the cost and hassle of owning a car, but you’ll both get $25 free driving credit! Just get them to use your name in the part of the application form where it asks who referred them.

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Cool things our members are doing

The best thing about driving alone is putting on your favourite tracks, singing along with Adele and drumming away on the steering wheel to Flume. If you’re a bit off-tune, keep it to the car, but if you think you’re pretty good why not make it something more? Caleb Garfinkel is a very talented musical director, teacher, musician… and GoGet member! He works as a music director for stage musicals, makes his own music, and has a Melbourne studio for other musicians to rehearse, record and get help with sound design. He also teaches music, so if you want to learn how to play guitar or get into audio production, he can get you started. If you’re happy to stay singing along, Caleb’s latest project is Spring Awakening The Musical, which is playing at Chapel Off Chapel from May 18th. Check it out! If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us. The GoGet Team