Fleets are a hassle to own and operate, and GoGet CarShare has just launched a way of making it all a whole lot simpler.  The Australian just wrote about GoGet’s new system launch at La Trobe University in Melbourne.  More on that below. La Trobe University Students using GoGet vehicle The solution is called Powered by GoGet, and it’s an integrated fleet management solution that:

  • Allows you to seamlessly combine your owned fleet vehicles with GoGet’s shared fleet of over 2,100 vehicles across Australia
  • Gives you the flexibility to scale your vehicle up or down to meet peak needs without investing capital in unproductive assets
  • Uses an intuitive and intelligent management platform to create a real-time view of your fleet operations (you’ll instantly know vehicle availability)
  • Provides smart card vehicle access and advanced telematics (no more key handouts or paper logbooks).

Learn more at the Powered by GoGet page.

La Trobe University carshare deal puts students in the driver’s seat

GoGet @ La Trobe UniversityLa Trobe University has partnered with a car-share company to replace up to 30 per cent of its pool fleet while making vehicles available to the students and local community. Director of procurement Andrew Peacock said the new partnership with GoGet was part of the university’s commitment to providing sustainable, cost-­effective and innovative services for students and staff. He said that by selling depreciating assets, the university liberated capital to invest in other areas. He said offering the cars to students was part of making sure they got good value from university, as with living on campus and receiving discounted food. “But it’s not just about the students,” Mr Peacock said. Read more here.