Greedy Smith and Reg Mombassa could never have foretold that their 80s Australian pop group would inspire the name of a not-for-profit organisation, Lentil As Anything.  But it seems that just like the ear-worminess of Mental-as-Anything tunes, this ‘Pay as you Feel’ vegetarian phenomenon is certainly catching on, with the latest outlet opening recently at in Thornbury. Lentil As AnythingI only discovered this when I returned from an overseas trip, and realised that my favourite GoGet car, Eva-Marie was now parked next to Lentil as Anything instead of Human Powered Cycles. There is some kind of synergy between the two however, as Lentil (as it is affectionately known) aims to minimise it’s footprint by reducing waste through using donated, rescued organic whole foods on its menu. The specials menu changes daily and with just a few choice dishes, you won’t get choice overload. On my last visit I had the dosa with perfectly spicy vegetable curry. Your meal is often accompanied by live music, sometimes booked, or spontaneous if a patron just happens to bring their guitar. It is that kind of Bohemian place.  So why not check it out before/after you drive off in your GoGet car. Written by Bronwen Whyatt