We like to tell people about the convenience and efficiency of GoGet, but there is one other important aspect for members, and that is LUXURY. The GoGet premium fleet services members that require a little extra sophistication, chauffeuring that important business associate, taking your significant other on a date to impress, or even to use as a wedding car! Yes it has been done! GoGetters Aasa Neeme & Steve Schofield from Coogee, NSW were married in December 2011… and booked ‘Milano’ the Alfa MiTo to get the wedding party around for the day! Wedding with Alfa Mito The premium fleet at the moment is made up several Alfa Romeos, and Audi A1s. The fleet changes regularly, for example we used to have Mini Coopers and a Renault Megane convertible. Our family of 3 and 5 door Audi A1s are proving to be most popular and we’re looking to increase the number these in new areas. Each Audi has a German name and they all have personalities to boot! Jurgen, Hilde, Anja, Dirk, Gunther, Utz, Horst, Traudel, Friedrich, Gertrud and Franz are just a few. audi They feature a stop/start engine that turns off at the lights or while idling, and then turns on when you put your foot down. They’re funky, fun and perfect for zipping around the city according to our member reviews. While we’d love to have these cars available to all our members, unfortunately our young drivers on P1 and P2 license holders legally aren’t able to get behind the wheels of these babies as they’ve got turbo charged engines! We also ask that they be filled with premium fuel to ensure their premium quality and running perfectly for those special occasions. Premium vehicles generally come with premium price tags. Though, as a member, GoGet makes these cars much more accessible. The premium cars tend to be located in areas where there are already lots of different cars to choose from. For example, they’re located in our secure CBD car parks, double pods, and suburbs with plenty of economy cars nearby so no member is forced to use one if they don’t want to. Our premium fleet is not enormously more expensive to drive, however it does cost a little extra depending on your plan. $2/hour extra for GoOccasional and GoFrequent members, $4/hour extra for GoStarter. Check the rates page for more detail here. Though the bang you get for your buck is well worth it for any occasion. Recently, one of our members booked an Audi A1 to drive from Sydney to the Blue Mountains, where he booked a nice restaurant and proposed! We love to hear that GoGet can do more than simply get members from A to B, but can be an integral part of making the journey special. If you want to impress someone special, require luxury transport for a VIP or simply prefer to drive premium vehicles, why not have a look at what we’ve got available near you. Search for your closest GoGet Audi A1 or Alfa Romeo here!