download With Easter just around the corner, we want you to keep a car to yourself for the long weekend, explore your city, go camping, and get an Instagram snap of what you get up to with GoGet. We’re also announcing a very exciting partnership with a university, and have a couple of great ideas for making things easier at work and at home. Don’t forget to check out pod specials near you at our Specials Page.

La Trobe University… Powered by GoGet!

23f8bf1b-c0ff-4209-9a6b-df8dec16feefWe’ve teamed up with La Trobe University to launch Australia’s first carshare university! La Trobe had a huge fleet of cars for staff and admin to use, but it was a costly and difficult thing to manage. Logbooks, ODO readings, signing car keys in and out – anyone who has had to use a corporate fleet knows the ordeal. By teaming up with us, La Trobe have replaced most of their fleet with on-campus GoGet cars! These cars can be used not just by staff, but students and the local community as well. We’ve also installed GoGet technology in their special vehicles and regional campus fleets, so they appear on the booking system alongside GoGet cars for La Trobe staff, and are just as easy to use as GoGet. No more logbooks! Now we’ve done it for La Trobe, we’re able to apply the same principle to other corporate fleets. If you’d like a modern solution to fleet management, that works just like GoGet but for your company cars and internal staff, check out the Powered by GoGet page and register your interest.

Get hopping for Easter

d258898d-59d0-4666-ae3a-c7d414a7909cHow about a car to yourself for 4 days this Easter? Our little holiday is coming early this year, so it’s time to lock in plans for the 4-day weekend. We’re offering a special on CBD cars, so you can take a car home from work on Thursday, and return it Tuesday morning, and get 25% off your economy day rate. We’ve got a few ideas for long weekend plans for you, but even if you end up inside just eating chocolate eggs, we hope you have a relaxing and safe Easter. Book here, and use promo code EASTER25 to get 25% off. To make sure it applies, note these conditions:

  • Economy cars only: Yaris, Corolla and i30 Wagons
  • CBD pods only: Postcodes 2000, 2001, 3000, 5000, 4000, 4006, 4007, 4012 and 4101
  • 25% off the day rate: Extra hours, reduced damage cover and pod surcharges still apply, if applicable
  • 4 days minimum, between Thursday 24th and Tuesday 29th March 2016

Explore your city

c47bce13-7347-4766-8af9-9e9c9e734ccbWe know how easy it is to get stuck in your own neck of the woods. Cafes where you know exactly what’s good, parks with plenty of friendly dogs, and the familiar layout of your local streets. However, we also think it’s important to get out and see something new. To that end, we’ve been writing suburb guides on our blog. Whether you’re travelling to another GoGet city, or just want to branch out within your own metropolis, we hope these guides lead you to find a new favourite place.
We want your tips so we can write a few more of these! Click “suggest” in the orange bar on our blog and tell us what’s good in your hood.

Go Camping

87614ad8-7ca2-4cc2-9d63-3b14d24765e1 (1)Almost everyone loves a camping trip, but to be comfortable means you need to buy and keep a whole lot of gear. If that’s been putting you off, camping just got a whole lot easier.

CampNow is a nifty service that does all the hard work of camping, so you can take off and focus on having a good time. Simply order online, and CampNow delivers everything you need to go camping, with different kits for hiking, family trips or staying overnight at festivals. It comes at a much more manageable cost than buying everything, plus you get to hand it all back at the end!

CampNow knows about some great spots to go camping, which you can read about here. Otherwise, start planning your own adventure in National Parks and around Sydney.


Get in the good books at work

5422a23a-cca2-4e85-a101-36016e7cdd0cGoGet makes lots of sense for business. It’s much cheaper to use GoGet than cabs (about half the cost for return trips), and we’re “scalable”. That means you can use no cars one day and 100 the next, without having to have a whole fleet of cars waiting just in case. It’s also much easier than cabs, company cars or reimbursing personal car use – just one bill at the end of the month with everything on it. If you’d like to get in your boss’ good books and use GoGet for work, fill in this form.  

New cars and pods

New cars and pods


Pay and get paid with PayPal

1fab6b5b-ab3f-4b4b-a2a7-1892deff4aaeEver since we started accepting PayPal a couple of months ago, we’ve heard from members how much they love it. These are some of the ways members have told us they use PayPal:

  • Share trip costs up-front. If someone puts money in your PayPal, only the difference will come from your bank account, so you’re not left out of pocket

  • Link up multiple accounts. Add multiple bank accounts or credit cards to your PayPal, and never miss a payment because money was in a different place

  • Download the PayPal app, and get a notification when your bill is paid

If you’re not yet on PayPal, you can sign up here. When you have a login, change your payment method on My Account. Then, next time someone offers to chip in for your GoGet trip, give them your PayPal!

Tip of the Month

393843ae-fecb-4e7c-be00-97619f9d047fWe’ve had a smattering of reports that BP have changed their fuel names at certain petrol stations; this is a photo from one of them. Whether this is just a test or about to be more widespread, it has caught a few members off guard already, so we thought we should warn you. The two on the left are premium fuels, and should only be used if you have an Audi. The black one is diesel, and should be left well alone! The correct fuel for all non-Audi cars is the green Unleaded 94. If you’re ever in doubt about which fuel to use, a safe bet is to look for the ethanol blend.

Strike a pose

54db7fd4-7661-49fc-94a7-6c6909eda6e1Get your best pout on and snap your next GoGet adventure. Show us where you go or where you’ve been in and around the city, and you could win some driving credit!

We’re looking for on the road adventure snaps that show where all the different spots our orange winged beauties have been.

While on your next trip take an Instagram pic and #gogetcarshare for your chance to win. Best snap will win $100 driving credit and will be forever immortalised in the GoGet world! Thanks to Amy for this shot! She took it as part of her review of our new Audi A3 Convertible. You can follow Amy on Instragram at @amylivelove

Cool things our members are doing

download (1)GoGet members Geoff and Nga are big fans of the sharing economy, and saw a problem with storage space in our cities. Most people don’t have enough storage space, while others have underused space that could be put to better use. Spacelli is like Airbnb, but for car parks, garages, spare rooms and empty storage spaces. If you have a spare space you can share, why not make some money by listing it? And if your home is filling up with things you want to hold onto but don’t need every day, have a look on Spacelli to see if you can unload them somewhere else. As a GoGet member, you can get 10% off rental fees for the first 3 months, just use the promo code GOGET.