This was our member newsletter from March 2018. There’s some fun stuff in here – like how much a car really costs (featuring a great Harold meme) and hot not to move a fridge!

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It’s March already!Ā Where has the year gone? We figure time flies when things are going well, so it must be a good thingĀ šŸ˜ŠĀ This month, we want to celebrate some of the best thingsĀ in life – friends! In the spirit of friendship, we’re giving you free additional drivers, info to help your friends save money, and a message from our friends at Bondi Lifeguards.

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Add an extra driver for free in March!

Sick of doing all the driving? In the spirit of friendship, we’re waiving the cost of adding extra drivers in March!

If your plan allows multiple drivers (2 on GoOccasional, 4 on GoFrequent) we’ll waive theĀ $25 additional driver fee this month.Ā Just add drivers before March 31st and you won’t be charged.

We’re all about Car Share, but we like driver share too!

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A family posing in front of a GoGet car, one woman, a man, a baby in the mans arms and a toddler

Post of the month

Another cracker this month!Ā We wanted to remind everyone that GoGet vans let you move anything you need – a bike, a couch, or a whole house! And you can book for an hour or a day.

What better way to prove that than to show you the alternativeĀ šŸ¤£ If you think a man carrying a fridge is great – click the link andĀ watch the video, it gets better.

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Man walking across the road with a fridge - click to play video

GoGet for Students

Across the country, young adults are back at university, TAFE, and private colleges, getting ready to be the next generation of leaders.

But learning is expensive and time consuming.Ā That’s why we offer awesomeĀ rates for students. GoStudent is one of our most heavily discounted plans, and isĀ way easier than owning a car!

And we’re okay with P platers!Ā If you’ve been driving solo for a year, you’re welcome to join.

If you know a student, young or old, who wants to save money and time getting around, help them discover GoGet today! Use ourĀ refer-a-friend programĀ and you’ll both get a $25 booking promo!

Click Here to see GoGet’s Student Rates

Four students sitting at a table way too small for them - GoGet Car Share

How much does a car actually cost?

You’re a GoGet member, so you already know how much GoGet can save you – both in time and in money!

But if you’ve ever owned a car, youĀ know how easy it is to miss the hidden costs – insurance, maintenance, tyres and rego. You don’t always account for them!

We’ve updated ourĀ GoGet vs Car Ownership comparisonĀ for 2018. Send it to friends who you think should use GoGet!

Click to see how much owning a car really costs!

Harold Meme When you realise how much your car really costs

Solar Panels on the roof – of a car?

Your friends giveĀ you energy!Ā Your friends help you see!Ā Your friendsĀ light up your life! So who’s your best friend?Ā The Sun!

It’s certainly the best friend of some of our GoGet vehicles. We’ve put solar panels on all our Canberra and Brisbane cars, and some cars in other cities.

That way, their batteries will never go flat, thanks to everlasting solar power!

So if you use a car with a solar panel, do two things: 1) Don’t worry – the panel won’t change how you use the car; 2) Thank the sun for being a good friend, and keeping your battery chargedĀ šŸŒž

Solar Panel on the top of a GoGet car

Tip of the month

Did you know our cars can lock their own doors? They’re just that smart! Vehicles will automatically lock after a little while if you don’t tap off. We want to make sure the car is secure, just in case you forget to tap off after a booking.

When you’re mid-trip, remember not to leave your smart card in the car, even if it’s unlocked – you could lock yourself out! Always tap off when you leave a car and you’ll always be safe.

The door of a silver car, looking at the handle and the lock - the seats have red leather and look really nice. GoGet cars lock themselves after a little while