This month we’re fighting off the winter chill, and to do that we’ve got some great ideas to get you out and about. We’re offering 30% off weekend bookings (including Queen’s Birthday!), you can get free driving credit for referring your friends, and CarsGuide have kindly made us videos that we think will ignite your curiosity for some of our cars. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

30% off Winter Weekends

Winter’s just around the corner, but keep the blankets in the linen cupboard. Cool, crisp days mean outdoor adventures without the sunscreen, heat and flies, and we think that’s something to celebrate. To help you enjoy winter weekends, we’ve got a great special running from this weekend until the end of June. Book a Yaris or Corolla from a CBD pod from Friday night to Monday morning, and use promo code 30WW to get 30% off! You get to keep the car to yourself for the weekend, and at least 300kms are included. Do it every weekend, or just when you have something fun planned, there’s no limit. On the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, you can use the same promo code and keep the car until Tuesday morning instead. That gives you 1 free day for a 3 day booking, and at least 450kms free.

Book today with 30WW

Tell your friends

We want to provide a better service in your area, and we need your help! When more people in a local area are using carshare, we’re better able to provide more cars and a wider range of vehicles. Until the end of June, we’re offering a $25 referral bonus. That means if you refer a friend, you’ll both get $25 free driving credit. There’s no special link or promo code. Just have the new recruit mention your name in the application form, where it asks if someone told them about GoGet.

5 reasons to try a fancy car

Are you the kind of GoGetter who has tried out all our different vehicles, or do you just stick to whatever car is closest?

Our friends at CarsGuide have done video reviews of some GoGet cars, and we think they’ll make you at least a little curious to try out that fancy car around the corner. CarsGuide usually help people decide what kind of car to buy, and they’ve put their car nerd knowledge to the test on our cars. The first videos are for our Convertible, new RAV4 and the Carnival people mover. They’re not all cars for every day, but we think you’ll love them if you give them a try. Check the videos out on YouTube here:

Tip of the week

If you haven’t downloaded the GoGet app yet, you’re missing out on the best way to use GoGet.

Using the GoGet app makes it so much easier to find pods near you, book the right car for you, and extend a booking if you need more time. You can use promo codes to get discounts, add trip comments, get your fuel PIN and filter for car options, just like on the desktop site.

Our Android app is brand new, and we think it’s the best way to use GoGet right now. Download it today!

Our iPhone app has had a lot of improvements lately, and is much more stable and easy to use than it once was. We are giving it a full redesign which will drop later this year, but until then download the latest version.

New cars and pods – NSW

New cars and pods – QLD

New cars and pods – VIC

Your thoughts on our vans

Have you used a GoGet van recently? Even if you haven’t, we’d like to hear from you. We want to understand more about how and why our members use the vans, so we’ve made a van survey. For your time, we’ll put you in a draw to win one of 3x $100 driving credits, so give this link a click and wax lyrical. Speaking of vans, one thing we’ve already learnt from your feedback is that when you use a van, it’s likely you’re going somewhere a bit unfamiliar. So, we’re making sure all our new vans have built-in GPS! It won’t be all our existing ones, but you can use the Navigation filter to make sure you get a new one with maps in the dash.

Complete the survey

Join the team

How’d you like to work for your favourite company? We’re currently looking for a superstar to join our Member Services team. You’ll be helping members on the phone, responding to emails and explaining how carshare works to new members looking to get on board. You’ll be working at GoGet HQ on Goulburn St in Sydney. There’s lots of amazing food nearby, and heaps of public transport options. We’re quite flexible about availability, and if you want to work full time, part time or sometime in between. Apply today!

Fund a solar project

A member wrote in about CORENA, and we love the idea so we’re sharing it with you. CORENA is a citizen fund for building out renewable energy in Australia. They work with community organisations who want to reduce their carbon footprint and would save a lot of money by going solar, but don’t have the upfront capital to do it. Using donated funds, CORENA gives these organisations interest-free loans to install solar and energy saving improvements and helps them choose the best products for their premises. The savings are used to pay back the loan, and the money is then re-invested in new projects. That way every donated dollar is recycled multiple times through the system, making a huge impact over many years. If you represent an organisation that you know would benefit from this structure, you can request a loan here. If you think it’s a great idea, you can become a member or make a once-off donation here. All donations are matched until the end of June, so it’s a great time to donate!

Cool things our members are doing

When you think of technology, you might think of cables, phones and computers, and when you think of art you probably think of paint, canvas, ink and paper – but some GoGet members are working to blur those lines and make the two work together. dLux MediaArts work with artists who use emerging technologies as their medium. From electronic art back in the 60s to today’s apps and augmented reality, they connect artists with tech experts and put it all together with exhibitions, shows and interactive experiences for audiences all over Sydney and NSW. Their latest project, part of Vivid Ideas, is a futuristic exhibition connecting the technology of wearables and the art of fashion. You’ve heard of Apple Watches and Google Glasses, but sARTorial is a hands-on glimpse into a future of clothes that talk to you, location aware accessories and intelligent outfits. It’s all interactive, hands-on and very fun – part art exhibition, part fashion show afterparty. Watch their video here, and get your tickets for the June 10 show. If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us. The GoGet Team