On November 15 2017, after months of divisive campaigning, Australia finally voted to allow same-sex partners to marry!

Of the 12.7 million votes cast, 61.6% were returned in favour of marriage equality.

The reaction from the LGBT+ community was overwhelming, with multiple parties taking place through the streets of multiple cities into the evening.

As part of the celebrations, GoGet’s Melbourne car share team partnered with Joy 94.9, Melbourne’s LGBT+ community radio station. The Michael & Dean drive show took control of Hartly the Carnival, transforming it into a mobile radio studio!

“What an amazing result, 61%. We were there on the steps of the state library, and just getting the results – I think we all lost it”, they said during the broadcast.

“We are Driving for Equality after this fantastic result. We’re very excited, thanks to GoGet, we’ll be hopping in the car and driving all around Melbourne.”

“You know I think we could literally do a traffic report from the Melbourne traffic.”

The team hit multiple Yes parties across Melbourne before finishing the night at the big Equality celebration at Trades Hall.

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The photos posted on the Joy 949 Twitter and Facebook pages made it very clear the team were having a ball, on a day few of them will forget.

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We’re chuffed that GoGet car share could be part of the celebrations, though we reckon Hartly the Carnival had the best job of the day!

Maybe we should consider mobile Outside Broadcasting capabilities as a new selling point…

Marriage Equality Australia

Good work Australia – we've done something to be proud of this year.Here's how we ushered in #MarriageEquality at our Sydney office.What are you doing to celebrate?Australian Marriage Equality

Posted by GoGet CarShare on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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