In the lead up to Christmas, we’ve gone a little wild. Our app has been released, so you can make bookings while you’re out in the jungle, we’ve created a crazy little creature to explain GoGet to strangers, we’re inviting you to skip work and take a midweek escapade, and we’ve gone completely bananas in Melbourne with over 50 new pods. We’ll also let you in on a magical secret of ours, invite you to play Santa with us, and – if you’re lucky – embarrass you as our 2 millionth booking!

GoGet App is Out in the Wild

App Last week, we released the GoGet iPhone app from its cage and unleashed it into the wild. Search on the App Store to find your very own free GoGet app. Once you capture it onto your iPhone, you can book cars, extend bookings and get your fuel PIN on the go – even when you’re out in the jungle. Before you send us pictures of angry robots, we are working hard on a version for Android. It’s anticipated along with our next version of the app, which will include new features and incorporate early feedback from this first edition.

Meet Go!


  We made a little video about GoGet, featuring our new friend Go! In the video, Go explains how GoGet can work for every lifestyle.Take a look, and if you like it, share it with your friends!

2 Millions

2 millionOur maths wizards have done the calculations, and our 2,000,000th booking should be happening some time this month. 2 million bookings is a huge achievement, and we couldn’t have done it without you recommending GoGet to your friends and helping us grow. We’re currently sitting at around 1,975,000 bookings, so your sneaky trip to IKEA to pick up some apple biscuits could be our very exciting 2 millionth booking. If it is, we’ll call and embarrass you – and give you 12 months free GoFrequent membership!

7 days of Christmas

Portrait of Santa Claus in the car Last month, we asked you to start thinking about Christmas way too soon. Well, it’s no longer so far away! If you’ll be playing Santa and criss-crossing the country over the Christmas period, we have great deals on bookings over 7 days between December 1st and January 31st. – GoFrequent: $315 per week ($45 per day) – GoOccasional: $329 per week (47 per day) – GoStarter: $343 per week ($49 per day) You can have multiple weeks over the period, but each block must be at least 7 days. You can also book for longer than 7 days per block, with extra days charged at the discounted rate. If you’re interested, fill in this form and we’ll call you to make your booking. Don’t put off thinking about Christmas too long, because bookings close at the end of November.

New Cars and Pods

Thanks to our development and council partners, we now have cars in the following new Sydney locations:

Check out our dedicated page, showing the over 50 new pods added in Melbourne since mid October.

Take a midweek break with our RAV4

RAV4 weekend Each month we have a special offer for GoFrequent and GoOccasional members. It’s our way of giving something a little extra for your membership! Before Christmas turns everything on its head, why not give yourself a couple of relaxed, quiet pre-Christmas days off. Last month we sent Andrew and friends off in a RAV4 to Seal Rocks. Get some inspiration for a getaway of your own by watching the video here. So that you can be like Andrew and take a trip somewhere nice, we’re offering GoFrequent, GoOccasional and business members two weekdays in a RAV4 for just $120. Make the booking yourself, and fill in this form to get your credit.

Tip of the Month

Thanks to Barbara for this photo!

Thanks to Barbara for this photo!

When you return a car to its pod at the end of your booking, inductive coils built into the road beam a signal back to GoGet HQ, telling us exactly when you drive into the car park. Actually, that’s not how it works. Instead, when you swipe off, special pod fairies fly to our office, and whisper in our ears that you’ve finished your booking. This means that even if you arrive in the pod before your booking end time, if you spend a while unloading the car and don’t swipe off until much later – or if you forget to swipe off at all – the fairies won’t fly and we won’t know you’ve finished up. Remember: Your booking ends when you swipe off and lock the doors, not when the car is in the pod.

Be a part-time superheroSuperhero. Image of young man tearing his shirt off isolated on

Do you like helping people? Do you dream about swooping in at moments of distress and making everything better? Do you want to be admired for your heroic deeds? You don’t have to have superpowers to join our team of heroes. Member Services is hiring, and we need somebody who is a good listener, can think on their feet and loves to help others. Best of all, it’s part time, so you have plenty of time for your alter-ego. Apply here, or tell a friend!

Just like home

Melbourne Did you know we have a pod at Melbourne Airport? Even if you did know, we recently expanded the pod to 5 vehicles, including our latest RAV4s. It’s a great way to have a car with you for your Melbourne trip, and the easiest way to get out of the airport and where you need to be. If you do go south regularly for work, family or fun, check out our new Melbourne pods. Over the past month we’ve added 50 new pods, many of which are in new areas. We’re also super excited to launch in Hawthorn, so if you have friends or family there, let them know and you’ll both get $50 referral credit! Just make sure they mention your name in their application.

Park Securely, and cheaply!

Using GoGet means you don’t have to worry about most parking costs, but there are times when you need to park during your booking. Because we’re good friends with Secure Parking (some of our cars live in their car parks), we’ve worked out a deal to give you cheaper parking. Securepark Secure Parking have a membership called Advantage Parker, which gives you a card to use instead of paying at the car park, and an invoice Join by filling in this form, and make sure to put your member number on the form. at the end of the month for your usage. Because you’re with GoGet, you get 20% off your bill each month, every month you remain a member! You also get to book spaces in advance using Secure A Spot, which saves you a little bit of money for planning in advance.

Cool things our members are doing

Korfball2Bored of the gym? Over swimming? Do mainstream sports make you yawn? Meet Korfball! GoGet members Sarah and Graham wrote in to tell us about their Dutch discovery, and we think you’ll love it. Korfball is a mix between netball and basketball, and is mixed sex too. The main difference is that you can’t shoot while you’re being “defended”, so it’s very fast pace. With little emphasis on physical stature, and almost everything on movement and teamwork, it’s a sport everyone can get into. The Sydney City Redbacks Korfball Club holds weekly training sessions and competitive tournaments, and they encourage everyone to come and have a go. For a little explainer, watch this short piece from Behind the News.