This month we have new exciting things to announce, including a platform for testing new and exciting things! We’re also asking you to think ahead for the coming festive season, and about those for whom the season is not so festive. Don’t forget to check out pods on special this month to save $19 per day. There’s probably one near you!  

Home (and away) for the Holidays

Planning family stuff for the holidays? Looking forward to receiving the latest opinions from extended family members? Book a car early to make sure you can get there, and make your escape, on your own accord. Whether you’re loading up on pressies a week before the day or stocking up at Dan Murphy’s, it pays to think ahead and book your local car in advance. We get pretty busy, and we don’t want you slugging a ham around on your own. To avoid any hassles with cars, take a long term booking! We’re offering good discounts on bookings 7+, 14+ and 28+ days long over December and January. Fill in your details here, and we’ll let you in on the deal. If you have already registered but haven’t heard back yet, you’ll hear from us soon.  

GoGet Labs

We’re always testing new ways of booking and using cars, like Oneway. Like 19th century medical researchers we test on ourselves (and family members), but we also need your testing and feedback to help us design the product.Getting your input is how we’ve built some of our best features, but we’re doing so much of it now, we’ve decided to launch GoGet Labs as an official beta testing program. There’s a new billing feature we’re eager for your help in building right now, so if you’re keen to volunteer and help GoGet get better for everyone, head over to the GoGet Labs page to enroll.


Easy breezy new cars

Itching to take off over the holidays? This summer we’ve got two hot, new additions that will hit the spot, whether you’re dreaming of a coastal sojourn or an outdoor adventure.

Plug-in Hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander

Our first SUV, the RAV4, has been well received since launching a year ago. However, you’ve asked for something a bit bigger, with 4X4 for those big road adventures. We didn’t want to do this by adding a big dirty gas guzzler to our fleet, and the Outlander solves that for us being a plug-in hybrid electric car! Big enough for 5 people and plenty of luggage, proper 4WD, in-built GPS and a power plug means the Outlander delivers everything for big exciting adventures, without emitting any greenhouse gas emissions for up to 60 kms of driving. Outlanders will be launching later this year in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Audi A3 Convertible

The hot new Audi A3 Convertible is launching in Westfield Bondi Junction, North Sydney, Kirribilli, Kings Cross, Surry Hills and Central Park in the coming weeks. Ever since Megane the Convertible briefly graced our presence in the summer of 2012/13, you’ve asked us when again you will feel the breeze through your hair and drive with the top down. We’re happy to say this summer is it!

Win a free weekend

Want to try one of these new cars out for yourself? We’re looking for members to write reviews for each of the cars on our blog. If we choose you, you’ll get a free weekend to test one of the new cars! Register here.  

Tip of the month

We know how frustrating it is when some gremlin is parked in a GoGet pod and you can’t return your car to its home.

The Domino Effect

As tempting as it might be to park in another nearby empty GoGet pod when yours is taken, that causes a lot of on-flow issues when that car can’t return to its pod, and it turns one problem into a multi-headed Hydra of problems.

What to do?

If your pod is taken when you come back, please don’t park in another GoGet pod. Check your booking confirmation email, it will tell you what to do when you can’t park in the pod. For instance, the car might have a residential parking permit, or some other arrangement has been made with council to let you park legally nearby.

Let us know!

If you’ve had to park somewhere other than the car’s pod, please let us know. We’ll tell the next member where to find the car, so they don’t think the car has disappeared. You can call and leave a voicemail, or text the car’s name and number plate to 0427 777 769 with the new location.  

Doubling down in Adelaide

One of our new Outlanders will be going to Adelaide, thanks to The Joinery lending us their power plugs (and a car space!)

The Joinery is a community environment space in the heart of Adelaide, converted out of a run down old bus terminal. It’s home to many South Australian environmental organisations, like Conservation Council SA, Conservation Volunteers and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. We think the plug-in hybrid Outlander is a perfect match for these groups, allowing them to get out and do their good work while minimising their transport impact.

The Joinery is part of our latest effort to double the fleet in Adelaide. Adelaide City Council are being super supportive of carshare in the city of churches, and we’re eager to serve! If you visit Adelaide next year, you’ll be able to get around with GoGet just like at home.

New cars and pods

New South Wales



Get street-wise

Libraries are amazing places of benevolence and community spirit, and with Street Libraries you can bring all that to your front fence!The-little-library-built-by-Augusta-resident-David-Hartmann Street Libraries are establishing themselves across Sydney, as a homegrown community initiative to encourage literacy, spread ideas and make suburban streets more friendly. They’re looking for people wanting to build and become street librarians – register for a building session on Sunday the 29th at 1pm in Marrickville at For under $70 you get all the materials you need, help with putting it together, and a one-off Street Library at the end of the day. There’ll be a special talk by Kylie Legge, who’s had her own street library in Paddington for years now, as well as instructions on how to fill and promote your new library. It’s also a great way to spend a few hours, learn some new skills and build community within your neighbourhood.  

Check-in at The Fitzroy Market

12241366_930858693617241_8448504288009627133_nBilled as the cutest markets in Melbourne, we love The Fitzroy Market for finding all the best handmade and vintage clothing, craft, artwork and jewellry. It’s the perfect place to get original, thoughtful Christmas pressies, and some yummy food while you shop! This month for the first time, we get to go as a company! We’re not selling any vintage GoGet cars or handmade smartcards, but we are giving a free day in an Audi A3 to one lucky market goer who checks in on Facebook. We’re at the markets this Saturday, November 21st. The next markets aren’t until just before Christmas, so get your gift buying done this month and take it easy in December.  

Cool things our members are doing

There are cards you can get for someone having a baby, leaving a job, celebrating an anniversary and turning another year older, but have you ever needed to express your love and support for someone going through mental health issues? GoGet member Trudy and her sister make beautifully illustrated cards that say all the right things, under the name of Hope Street Cards. There are cards specifically for anxiety and depression, and general cards for just saying that you’re there. A card won’t magically make someone all better, but it might be just what that person needs to not feel so isolated in what they’re experiencing. Each card also comes with a brochure for you, and $1 is donated to the Black Dog Institute.