This year is going to be over before you know it, so this month we’re all about squeezing as much into 2014 as you possibly can. How’s that, you ask? By locking down dates, booking in events and making some plans. Get thinking about Christmas, even though it just happened. Get your outfit sorted for Melbourne Cup, it’s a whole month away. Sell your car, look out for our app (!!), help a charity do great things, and sit back knowing the rest of the year is sorted.

Ho ho HO

Christmas It’s only October we know, but just like supermarkets selling mince pies and wrapping paper, we’re making you think about Christmas way too early. How great would it be to have a car to yourself over Christmas? Whether you’re staying in town or heading to your hometown, it’s one of the times of the year when car ownership looks mildly attractive (except when you think about paying for petrol, and getting it repaired and… oh no). We’re giving you the opportunity to have a car to yourself for 1 month over Christmas, and it’ll cost you just $1300. For roughly $42 per daythe car is yours, and we still look after everything we normally do. This offer is only for the most organised among you, as there is only a limited number of cars available. Once the cars are booked, the offer is over, so get in quick and register your interest here.

App App Hooray!

App 3 - cropped GoGet is about to hit the App Store! With our app, you can find cars near you, book them, and have the details of your booking handy at all times. Need a fuel PIN? Open the app! Need the number plate? Open the app! Need to duck into the nearest GoGet car to escape? Open the app! Version 1 of the app will be available to download soon, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s on the store. We hope you fall in love on first sight, but improvements and new features will be added in Version 2, due to come soon after. We’ll also be launching an Android compatible app along with Version 2.  

Horsepower for the Cup

Each month we have a special offer for our GoFrequent and GoOccasional members. It’s our way of giving something more for your membership! Horse Melbourne Cup is just around the corner! Looking forward to fancy hats, race day parties and the day off work? Oops, sorry, that’s just Melbourne. This year, make Melbourne Cup your own. If you’re having a remote Cup day celebration, make it all the better with all day in a fancy car forjust $50, including 150km for all your racing around. Otherwise, do as most Melburnians seem to be doing, and take a four day weekend! We’re offering 4 days, from the 31st of October to the 4th of November, for just $188. That includes 600km, not quite long enough to make it to Melbourne, but plenty for a nice out of town trip. To book a car and take advantage of these offers, give us a call on1300 769 389. Please note that GoStarter members are not eligible for these specials.

Brisvegas Road Trip

Brisbane If you’ve never made the road trip to Brisbane, this is a great opportunity to experience one of the most iconic and beautiful journeys in Australia. We’re expanding our Brisbane presence, so we’re after members to make a one-way trip in a brand new car. Because you’re doing us a favour, we’ll give you a good price. There are also some cars that need to come back to Sydney, if you’d like to drive the return leg too. You can go any time until the end of the year (including over Christmas), but register your interest early to secure a car. To go to Brisbane, you can take the popular coastal route, passing through the mid-North Coast, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. You can also take inland routes, passing through Armidale, Glen Innes and Tenterfield. No matter which way you go, you’ll see spectacular parts of Australia on a trip you’ll never forget!

Just sell them

Vintage What is it that you’re keeping against all sense? A collection of marbles from your childhood? A wardrobe that belongs to a different climate, or decade? Records you can’t even look at any more? The Garage Sale Trail is the perfect time and place to sell them, whatever they are. Because we’re all about shedding what you don’t need, GoGet is holding a Car Boot Market at the Boyd Community Hub at Southbank, just for our members. It’s a popular spot with lots of potential customers, ready to relieve you of your old books, crockery, clothes and collectables. There are still places available, so be brave, take a catalogue of what you have but don’t need, and register here.

New Cars and Pods

Thanks to our development and council partners, we now have cars in the following new Sydney locations:

And in the following Melbourne locations:

Tip of the Month

revolutions in the car With daylight savings kicking in last weekend, we’re all still adjusting our internal clocks, and so are our cars! Our fleet and cleaning teams are on the case, and will be adjusting the internal car clocks as they attend to them over the coming weeks. For now, not all the cars are updated, so if it doesn’t look right check your own phone or watch. Feel free to adjust the clock if it’s wrong – we’d appreciate it! It’s also timely reminder that the booking system works on our accurate system time, not by the clock inside the car.

Ditch your car

customer and salesman with car key Are you still holding onto your old car? Why on earth would you do that! Now’s the time to get rid of it, either by donating it to our amazing friends at Kids Under Cover, or by listing it on the Garage Sale Trail. Donate it Kids Under Cover works to prevent youth homelessness, by providing housing, scholarships and a mentoring program for at risk young people. One way they raise money is through car sales! Donating your car to Kids Under Cover is very easy, they take care of almost everything, and you can even get a tax deduction if the value is over $5000. Sell it GoGet is part of the Garage Sale Trail this year, and it’s a great opportunity to list your car and get lots of attention from buyers! We’re running a competition with Garage Sale Trail, to give 12 months free GoFrequent to two people who sell their cars – one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. GoGet isn’t a Garage Sale Trail partner in other states, so we don’t have a prize for you, but feel free to list it anyway!

Cool things: Vote to brighten up East Timor

ATA GoGet members ATA (the Alternative Technology Association) have been doing amazing work in East Timor, having installed over 1000 solar systems to homes, community centres, hospitals and schools, in parts of the country that the electricity grid just doesn’t reach. You can give an East Timorese family an early Christmas present, byvoting for ATA in the Google Australia Impact Challenge. With $500,000 prize money, ATA can install 2000 solar systems and train 75 local installers, and make a huge difference for rural communities currently relying on diesel generators, candles and kerosene lamps. To learn more about ATA and what they do, check out their website. Vote for them in the Google Impact Challenge, but don’t delay, because voting ends on the 13th of October.