Summer is just around the corner, which means less time watching TV at home and more time having fun with friends. This month we’re offering free extra drivers, doubling our referral bonus and clarifying the rules about who can share driving, because just like everything else, GoGet is better with friends. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

Get organised for Christmas


Every year you say you’ll be more organised for Christmas and New Years, but every year it comes sooner than you think. Because you can’t pre-empt everything, the best thing you can do is organise to have a car to yourself for the holiday period!

We have great deals for extended bookings 7 days or longer in December and January. Whether you’re thinking of a road trip away, or might just need a car on hand for whatever comes up, register today for first dibs on our long booking offers. Simply register below, and we’ll email you with more details later.

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What tripped you up?

3We know that many of our members are new to Australia, and we also know that Australian road rules can be a bit weird. Some rules are taken much more seriously (with more punitive fines) than other countries, and some rules are altogether unique. Other rules, like appropriate transport of children, we hope are more universal! To help new arrivals avoid getting in trouble, we’re putting a guide together, and we need your help. If you got tripped up on a weird rule when you started driving in Australia, tell us and you could get $25 driving credit! Tell us where you’re from, what is weird or different about Australia, and how that same thing is handled in your country of origin. We’ll give you $25 credit for any original tips that end up in the final guide.

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Tip of the Month

4Did you know that any GoGet member can drive any GoGet car, no matter who made the booking? If you’re on a long road trip with friends, or doing a complicated pickup and drop off operation, feel free to share the driver’s seat. The person can be an extra driver on your account, or have a completely separate account; as long as they’re an active GoGet member it doesn’t matter to us. One tip: To prevent confusing the system, only use the smartcard of the member who booked to lock and unlock the car, no matter who is driving.

German Film Fest 2016

5We love Germany for its music, street art, architecture and, of course, its gorgeous Audis. We hear the German contemporary film scene is good too, so we’re part of this year’s German Film Fest. Put on by the Goethe-Institut, the GFF celebrates everything weird and wonderful about German film. German Film Fest runs from the 15th till the end of November, at Palace Cinemas across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. The full program hasn’t been announced yet, but like us on Facebook and we’ll publish it as soon as it’s out.

New cars and pods – Sydney


Sun’s out, sand out


Yes, it’s getting hot and sunny. Yes, it’s beach weather. It’s all very exciting we know, but please try not to bring the beach into your car!

Other members who aren’t having fun at the beach absolutely hate sitting in sand (maybe it reminds them of what they’re missing out on). Our cleaners will get to sandy cars, but we can’t follow beach goers around with little vacuum cleaners!

Next time you GoGet to the beach:

  • Shower off at the beach before drying off. It’s cold, yet thrilling.
  • Shake your beach towels off, but try not to fill your neighbour’s eyes with sand.
  • Put your towel down on the car seat before getting in, it dries your bum and keeps the seat clean.
  • Put your sandy clothes, shoes and other gear in the boot, it’s much easier to brush off than the car floor.

If it’s too late to save and the car is a sandstorm, give us a call! You won’t get in trouble, and we can send a cleaner round before the next member gets there.

Be a good friend

7 Do you get asked for favours because of “your van”? Are you a bit of a taxi for friends and family because you’ve “got such a nice car”? You might think you’re being a good friend, but you’ll be a better friend if you stop enabling them! GoGet is for everyone, so help them get their own account and you’ll both be better off for it. To make you both even happier, we’re doubling our referral bonus until the end of October. That means you both get $50 free driving credit! To be eligible, your friend just needs to do an application and put your name in the “How did you hear about us” section, and we’ll do the rest.

…and a better partner

GoFrequent and GoOccasional don’t just give you low usage rates, they also let you have an extra driver on your account. Just until the end of October, we’re letting you add extra drivers for free! Sharing an account with someone means you both get the benefits of membership, but pay just one membership fee. You can both make bookings separately with your own logins and smartcards, and you get a combined invoice each month. GoOccasional can have one extra driver, two in total. GoFrequent can have two extra drivers, three in total. To add an extra driver, log into My Info and click the Add Extra Driver link. Do it before the end of October, because after that it’ll be $25 per driver.


Share your thoughts on Sydney transport

8Your train is overcrowded, your bike path was ripped up, and now construction is blocking your favourite walking route. These are real problems, but save your poor friends and family from the same old stories. Avoid the yawns and rolling eyes, and make a real difference by telling someone who cares! The Greater Sydney Commission is a new body that sits between the state government and local councils, and is currently developing a transport strategy for all of Sydney. To help build a good strategy, they’re asking for your input on Sydney’s transport future. Make a submission here, and tell them what would make Sydney work better for you.

Cool things our members are doing

9 For a summer outfit with a difference, GoGet members The Social Outfit have a gorgeous store on King St, Newtown where you can order unique, quality fashion pieces with an ethical twist. The Social Outfit is a social enterprise that creates stunning women’s wear, scarves and other accessories on-site in Newtown. They work with people from the refugee and new migrant community to teach people valuable skills in sewing, fashion design and marketing, and the results are really special, beautiful clothes you’ll feel proud to wear! Check out their online store, or drop in next time you’re on King St. We think you’ll love them. If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us. The GoGet Team