The Domain is a massive open space in Sydney that houses some of the most popular outdoor concerts and open-air events in New South Wales. Those types of events might make it sound like an incredibly busy and loud place, but it is also a beautiful place to relax when there are no active events, especially if you stop to admire the iconic views from Mrs Macquarie’s Point.

We can all agree that The Domain and the adjoining Royal Botanic Gardens are beautiful, but parking there can be an absolute nightmare. The high demand for spaces in the surrounding business district means that you might want to look at an alternative means of transportation. But, parking at The Domain is still possible, as long as you know where to look.

A low angle view of the buildings on Macquarie Street from The Domain - there are a few cars that have found where to park at The Domain at the bottom

The best advice for parking at The Domain

Plan ahead. Especially if you’re heading in for an event, know where you’re parking and pre-book it online. If a car park fills up and you have to improvise on the night, that’s when you’re going to start paying through the nose for parking.

Plan at least a week ahead and pre-book a space in one of the car parks nearby, and you’ll ensure an easy and reasonably cheap trip. At the very least you’ll know how much it will cost you ahead of time, and you won’t have a nasty shock when it’s time to pay!

The NSW Art Gallery on the eastern side of the domain in Sydney - a good reason to find parking at the domain is to go here

On Location: The Domain Car Park

You can’t get much closer than an on-site car park. The Domain Car Park can be accessed via St Mary’s Road and it is open from 5am – 12am on a daily basis. The fees are generally much cheaper if you book online ahead of time.

For cheap parking at The Domain Car Park, you’ll want to take advantage of the flat weekend, public holiday, early bird, and overnight rates. These represent the cheapest and easiest way to park at The Domain – details below.

Parking fees for The Domain Car Park:

Hourly Rate:

  • 0 – ½ hour: $4
  • ½ – 1 hour: $9
  • 1 – 2 hours: $22
  • 2 – 3 hours: $36
  • 3+ hours: $48

Please note that these fees only apply on weekdays – they are charged from 6am. If you arrive on a public holiday, weekend rates will apply instead.

If you’re visiting The Domain on a weekday, you could also be entitled to The Domain Car Park’s early bird rate. This is a flat fee of $19 – but it only applies if you enter the car park between 6.30am – 9.30am and leave between 3.30pm – 7pm.

Overnight Rate: $12

If you need to leave your car in The Domain Car Park overnight, then you will have to pay an additional fee of $12. This applies to any cars that are left in the car park after it closes at midnight.

Weekend Day Rate: $12

Parking in Sydney can be expensive, but flat weekend day rates can save you a lot of money when you compare them to their weekday counterparts. Weekends cost a flat $12, as long as you enter the car park after 6am and leave before 12am. As long as you’re parking for more than a couple of hours, that’s a good deal.

Please note, if you plan on leaving after 12am, then you will also have to pay the overnight rate. The first ½ hour that you spend in the car park is free.

Event Rate: $20

If you are heading to a special event at The Domain, then you will be happy to know that there is also an event rate that you can take advantage of. You will only have to pay a set price of $20 as long as you enter and exit the car park on the same day. You could also look into The Domain Car Park’s “Book a Bay” service if you know exactly when you are going to need to park.

A cloudy sydney skyline from the domain - parking at the domain isn't an easy ask, but cars in this image have managed it

Share with Oscar

If you don’t want to try your luck with street parking, Share with Oscar allows you to easily book cheap parking near The Domain from just $20. Share with Oscar works with businesses, car parks and homeowners with spare parking to offer rates that are up to 70% cheaper than the car parks.

The platform has hundreds of options available in most parts of Sydney, including parking near Hyde Park, Darling Harbour and The Royal Botanic Garden. The best part is, once you’ve booked, you may rest assured knowing that you have guaranteed parking for the day.

Book cheap Domain Parking with Share with Oscar now or check out the mobile app.

Not so cheap parking at The Domain – nearby car parks

A short walk from The Domain and you’ll find multiple privately operated car parks, mostly run by either Wilson Parking or Secure Parking. The closest parking to The Domain (other than The Domain car park, operated by Wilson Parking) are these:

These can offer reasonable rates, but it’s easy to accidentally have to pay a lot for parking if you’re not careful. For example, The Wharf car park has a $55 overnight fee, but it’s only $15 if you pre-book your parking online.

However, most of the car parks have fairly reasonable weekend, evening, and overnight rates if you book ahead online.

Car park line markings on the ground - Parking the domain in sydney is best planned ahead

The Cheap & Scenic Route: Goulburn Street Car Park

If you’re happy to walk a bit further and enjoy your surroundings, the Goulburn Street Car Park, run by Sydney City Council, is one of the cheaper car parks in the city. It’s a great option for those that don’t pre-book parking and can’t find parking near The Domain itself. Being further away from The Domain, Goulburn Street tends to be less crowded of a night time.

To get to The Domain from Goulburn Street Car Park you’ll walk through Hyde Park and past St Mary’s Cathedral. It’s a pretty nice walk and well worth doing from time to time, but will take about 30 minutes.

If you happen to drive an electric vehicle, this car park also caters for you. Goulburn Street Car Park has a number of electric charge points that can be accessed for no additional cost. There are also designated mobility spaces for drivers or passengers with a disability.You’ll also find half a dozen GoGet cars on the third floor (they really are everywhere!).

Parking Fees for Goulburn Street Car Park:

Hourly Rate:

  • 0 – ½ hour: $5
  • ½ – 1 hour: $9
  • 1 – 2 hours: $20
  • 2 – 3 hours: $30
  • 3 – 4 hours: $40
  • 4+ hours: $49

This car park is open from 6am on weekdays, 7am on Saturdays and 8.30am on Sundays and public holidays. The entrance itself does have specific closing times, but the exit is operated 24/7.

Evening Rate: $10

Only a handful of car parks in this business district charge a set evening rate and, luckily for us, this car park is one of them. If you enter the Goulburn Street Car Park after 5pm and exit before 6am on the following day, then you will only have to pay $10.

Weekend Rate: $12

Goulburn Street Car Park is open from 7am – 1.30am on Saturdays and 8.30am – 11pm on Sundays. If you enter the car park on either of these days, then you will only have to pay $12 for the day. You also have to pay $12 to park in this car park during public holidays.

An Alternative: Street Parking

Metered parking can be found in several different areas around The Domain. A few options are on Mrs Macquaries Road, Hospital Road, or Macquarie Street. But be warned – you’ll have to pay a significant amount if you plan to leave your car there very long. If you’re adamant about using street parking, have a list of spots you’d be happy to park, in case there’s none available.

Macquarie Street is in an ideal location for visiting the State Library, State Parliament, or the Conservatorium of Music. Mrs Macquaries Road runs from the top of The Domain and through the eastern edge of the Botanic Gardens. Hospital Road runs along the west side of The Domain, behind State Parliament and the Sydney Eye Hospital – it’s shockingly difficult to find a spot here though, and the street is sometimes closed to traffic during events.

You can also find car parking on the eastern side of The Domain in and around Woolloomooloo. The rates and time restrictions are only a little more relaxed here, so don’t expect this is be a sure thing.

When parking at The Domain, using one of the main car parks is a more reliable option, and often a less expensive one, as metered parking charges can quickly build up.

A Sydney Ferry with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the back ground

Leaving the Car at Home

Before you plan your trip, think about whether or not you actually need to use a car. Honestly, getting to The Domain via public transport really couldn’t be easier.

You can take a train to Martin Place and walk to The Domain in a matter of minutes. Or you can get a bus to either Martin Place or Circular Quay. For a really memorable experience, take the ferry to Circular Quay and walk the rest of the way. That walk takes about 10-15 minutes.

While it won’t help you when you’re heading into the city, GoGet Car Share might help you avoid having to park there in the future. Public transport is getting better all the time (albeit sometimes slowly). You’ll soon be able to get almost everywhere without owning a car at all – which would save you thousands!

When you do need a car, that’s where GoGet steps in. Our members can use one of the thousands of GoGet cars across the country for a short or long term round-trip. It’s much cheaper than owning your own car, and helps reduce congestion and carbon emissions as well!

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