This month we’re all about getting the most out of GoGet. We’re launching our new Android app so everyone can make bookings on the go, we’ve got a great offer for Easter and ANZAC Day long weekends, and we’ve got pro tips for using GoGet and understanding what goes on. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.  

Long weekends for days

Every year Easter hovers tantalisingly close to ANZAC Day, raising all kinds of questions of holidays, time off and work timetables. Whether you’re working public holidays and have weekdays off, turning ANZAC Day into a 4 day weekend, or even taking the entire 12 days off, we’re here for you. This year, we’re offering a super flexible long weekend offer. Book before the end of March, and get 20% off 4+ day bookings with an economy car or SUV, any time from the beginning of Easter (14th April) through to ANZAC Day (25th April). You can even take multiple bookings during the period, so long as they’re each 4 days or longer. Book in a Yaris, Corolla or SUV from a CBD car park pod for 4 or more days, and use APRIL20 to get 20% off your day rate. Offer ends March 31st, so book in early!

Book today with APRIL20


GoGet for Android

For some time now we’ve had smartphone inequality. We’ve had an app for iPhone, but no app for Android. After intense lobbying from the community, we’ve been working hard to end this discrimination and build a whole new app just for Android! The new app for Android is awesome. We’ll say it’s the best experience of using GoGet right now, with a whole new interface and great new features we think you’ll love. If you have a smartphone running Android Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, download it today! A massive thank you to our GoGet Labs community who have helped us with research, testing and development, making the new app pretty bloody good from the get go. We are continually fixing and improving things, so if you have any feedback after downloading the app, please email

Download Today

iPhone users, while our iOS app isn’t quite as fancy as the new Android one, it is a lot better with incremental improvements over recent months. If you haven’t used it recently, try it out today. We have started working on making a whole new version for iOS, so to get involved with testing and research please register for GoGet Labs.


We ❤️ dogs

We know that dogs are family, that’s why we offer pet friendly cars! These cars are equipped with dog hammocks and lint rollers, so dogs can be dogs in the back seat while everyone else can enjoy a clean car. We also know other members don’t have dogs, are allergic, or generally don’t want dog hair and smell in the car, so that’s why pets are restricted to proper pet carriers for all other cars, and there are fines for leaving pet hair in these cars. Last year, Ewan emailed us to say that there weren’t any pet friendly cars near him, and so he wasn’t able to drive and get around like he wants to. We were able to make a nearby car pet-friendly, so now Ewan and his dog Tobias can go on road trips together. If you’d like this too, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to make GoGet work for the whole family.

Running late

When you book a car, we know you can only approximate how long you’ll need it. Plans change, meetings go forever, and it’s hard to avoid taking a nap on an IKEA couch after a long day shopping. We get it. However, if you’re going to be late, you need to extend your booking or let us know.

There’s nothing more frustrating than booking a car and it not being there. That’s why we have fines for members who return late. To avoid getting a fine on your invoice, please always extend your booking if you’re running late. If you get a text message saying the car is booked after you and you can’t extend, just give us a call. We can get in touch with that member, and see if they’re happy to wait a few minutes or if they can take another car.

New cars and pods – NSW

New cars and pods – VIC

Tip of the month

Has this ever happened to you?

After loading or unloading for a while, the car attempts to lock itself with the doors open. Then no matter what you do, tagging on and tagging off doesn’t do what you expect.

We call this a “reverse lock”, which is a mismatch between the door locks and the car’s security system. It only affects our vans, people movers and wagons. The issue is to do with these car models’ central locking, and isn’t anything we can permanently fix. However, it is easy to correct if it ever happens. We can always talk you through this if you call in, but if you’re interested in learning how to fix this for yourself, have a read of our Help Centre article on the issue.

Get a shiny new smartcard

Do you have a vintage GoGet smartcard? As hipster and retro as it might be to have a pre-orange smartcard, we’re discovering they do have a use-by date. Years of the rough and tumble life in your wallet can cause the smartcard to stop working reliably.

If your smartcard has the older white design with the squiggle (pictured), or even the much older “wheels” GoGet logo, please help yourself to a new smartcard. We keep spares in the glovebox with the Co-Pilot, in a clear plastic sleeve. Take your pick, call us with the activation number on the back, and let us know which car you took it from so we can replace it. With your old card retired, you can frame it and hang it on the wall, add it to your shrine of outdated technology, or sell it on eBay to a collector. Unfortunately, because of the wiring inside they can’t be recycled.

Cool thing our members are doing

Do you know of the old Paramount building in Surry Hills, across from Harmony Park? It’s a gorgeous old building that was renovated a few years ago, and features the fabulous Golden Age cinema.

Golden Age use GoGet to organise and set up special outdoor events, like their screening of Blade Runner on top of the Goulburn St car park, and their (rained out) screening of Jaws at Andrew (Boy) Charlton pool. Usually though, they screen movies every day at their beautiful, intimate cinema and bar that makes you feel like you’re back in the good old days of cinema.

In the best use we’ve heard for GoGet yet, Golden Age use our vans for their weekly Messina run, which they turn into the choc tops you buy at the candy bar. Check out their show times here, book in a movie night and get yourself a GoGet-delivered, Messina-flavoured choc top!

If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us.

The GoGet Team