It’s great to see companies like Property Initiatives be successful. But it’s better to see them making that success work for some of society’s most vulnerable people.

Property Initiatives Real Estate was started in Melbourne with a simple mission, outlined by agent-in-charge Kristie Looney.

“Property Initiatives Real Estate specialises in ethical, high-quality property management and leasing services in inner Melbourne. Our point of difference to other agents is that all company profits are used to fund long-term affordable housing for women and children who are at risk of homelessness.”

“We are a social enterprise and exist 100% to fulfill our social mission.”

The firm scored an early win with a Grocon contract that saw them manage a group of apartments at the Bouverie Street tower on Swanston Street. Since then, they’ve continued to grow and have begun fulfilling their original goals.

Property Initiatives Melbourne in front of a property open for inspection. Property initiatives turns proprty into profit for women's housing in Melbourne - GoGet Car Share

Property Management that makes a difference

At GoGet, we think we have a win-win product. Members get all the benefits of owning a car, without the hassles or costs, either personally or for their business. But we also contribute to building smarter cities, by reducing the number of privately owned cars on the road.

Property Initiatives has a similar vision. Kristie says property management is a cost that will be paid anyway, so it might as well have a social benefit.

“We want to provide property investors the opportunity to make their property management fees count, to use a business model whereby getting a premium service, and paying a fee they would be paying anyway, they can help give back.

“All our profits go to our not-for-profit partner Women’s Property Initiatives who develop and manage long term affordable housing for women and children at risk of homelessness.”

“By just using our property management service customers are helping to address homelessness in the community. It’s a win-win”

A Housing development shot from side on - Property Initiatives Melbourne put profits into helping women's housing - GoGet Car ShareProperty Management with GoGet – on task and on brand

Just like Property Initiatives, we love it when we can offer more than one benefit to our customers. Luckily, the core business case for using GoGet is sound for Kristie and her team.

“GoGet helps us to save on our overheads – vehicle expenses and Melbourne CBD car parking etc. The money we save form using GoGet means that we deliver more profit to WPI to build homes for those in need.

“GoGet is the best – it provides so much flexibility and convenience to us in an industry that really needs it.”

But more than a way to provide flexible transport at a lower cost, at GoGet we want to make our cities better. That’s both from a sustainability and a usability perspective, as reducing our reliance on private cars does both.

For Kristie, that offers a positive brand association her organisation benefits from.

“Our customers love us for using Goget, especially compared to other real estate agents driving their fancy cars. They can see that we are ethical, and that we don’t care about looks, but that we want to make a difference in the world and that’s what matters most.”

“We honestly could not do what we do without GoGet. Car costs are such a huge expense in the real estate industry. GoGet provides us so much AND allow us to save on our overheads. We really could not ask for a better service.

“Our not-for-profit partner – Women’s Property Initiatives uses GoGet too!”

Headshot of Kristie Looney from Property Initiatives Melbourne - GoGet Car ShareMake the world better by working with Property Initiatives

Honestly, we think very highly of the end and the means of the work of Kristie and her team. She’s also got a special offer for GoGet members in inner-Melbourne.

“We can offer GoGet members 3 months free high quality, ethical property management when they sign up with us. If they like the idea of making their property management fees count – we exist 100% to fund affordable homes for women and children at risk of homelessness.”

Click here to head to the website and take them up on this offer. We hope you do, the world needs more groups like Property Initiatives, using private enterprise to improve the quality of our communities.

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