Have you thought about how you could re-purpose your garage if you no longer owned a car?  It is a great space to devote to a hobby, entertaining, or storage. If you live in an apartment complex, you may even be able to rent your car parking space to a neighbour. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination…

Hobbies:Cleaning the garage

  • Exercise machines/home gym
  • Workshop
  • Home brewing
  • Musical instruments


  • Playroom
  • “Hangout” space for teenagers/young adults
  • Bar
  • Billiards, table tennis, air hockey, etc.

If your garage is in a mess, here are some tips on transforming it into a place where you can store and find things easily

Where to start?

If you have a really full, messy garage, work your way in from the door.  Cleaning out the garage may be a good weekend project, but if you don’t have a large chunk of time available, you may like to try spending about an hour a week on this.  You are likely to be surprised at how much you can achieve in that time!

Be methodical

Try to focus on one area at a time, for example one section of shelves, or part of the floor.

Have a realistic purge

The garage is often a bit of a dumping ground.  Think carefully about how likely it is that you will actually use each item before deciding to keep it.Reclaim your garage

Sort the things you are not keeping into categories

The easiest one is the bin – bring it into the garage with you so that you can easily throw things straight in.  Note: please check your local council’s website to find out how to correctly dispose of any hazardous materials.  Set aside things that need to be returned to others or given away, and make sure you follow up and actually get rid of them.  There may be things you can sell – put them on Gumtree or eBay asap.  The same goes for donations to charity – drop them off within the next week, or ring your favourite charity and arrange for them to collect your donation.

Group the things you are keeping into logical categories, for example keep together camping gear, garden supplies, etc.


Open shelving works well in garages, because it allows you to see and access things easily.  Having containers for groups of smaller items is also a good idea.  This needn’t be expensive – icecream containers and milk crates are great.  This is one area of your home that doesn’t have to look pretty!  Pegboards are really popular in garages.  Hanging things from hooks or attaching them to cleats on the wall are some other simple and inexpensive storage solutions.  If your garage has exposed rafters, use this space to store long things – great for fishing rods, pipes and lengths of timber!  Use a marker pen and some masking tape to label where you want things to be returned to when someone uses them.

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