Coming back to IKEA?

Some ideas for making the most of your return trip

GoGet has vans on-site at most IKEA stores, which people love using for getting their purchases home. It means you don’t have to borrow a friend’s ute or rely on a delivery service, and get your new purchases home on the same day. Unless you have vans in your street (you can search for nearby GoGet vans), getting a van from IKEA means you have to return the van to IKEA. It shouldn’t be a wasted trip however, with all the different services IKEA offer there’s always a good reason to come back.

Gather up your old batteriesused batteries recycle

Round up any old batteries you have at home and bring them back to IKEA for recycling! When you throw them out at home, they just get put into landfill and their heavy metals may leach into the environment.

Unwrap and take it back

Don’t fill your bins with IKEA cardboard and plastic, take it back to the store! IKEA accept most of their packaging and materials back, so unwrap your purchases before making the return journey. Especially if you have small bins or live in an apartment building, bringing your rubbish back for recycling will save a lot of pain.

bulbsReturn your light bulbs

Upgrading to LEDARE light bulbs? Old CFLs, halogens and incandescents are accepted by IKEA for recycling. Just like batteries, throwing them out at home means heavy metals and precious materials get buried in landfill, but at IKEA they will be safely handled and turned into new things.

Pick up what you forgot

The light bulb for your lamp. The cushion for your cushion cover. The underlay for your rug. You’ve probably forgotten something, but don’t stress! You have a second chance to get what you’ve missed.

Donate your old gearOld couch

You’ve bought new shiny things from IKEA, but what are you going to do with your old stuff? While you’ve got the van, why not drop off your old goods at a nearby Salvo’s, Vinnies or Reverse Garbage? You can also ask around on Facebook, you might have something a distant friend needs, or use an online service like TuShare to find someone who will take it off your hands.

Grab something to eat

Moving heavy boxes and furniture is hungry work, so take a pit stop on your return trip and relax at the IKEA restaurant. You’ll be refreshed and ready to take on building your new furniture when you get back home.

Go overnight

GoGet has a special offer for overnight bookings in IKEA vans. Pick up a van after 7pm on a weeknight, and return it before 10am the next day, and pay only $40 in hourly charges no matter what plan you’re on. This gives you time to go shopping and bring home your purchases after work, and save the weekend for enjoying your new things. You are free to leave your car in the IKEA car park overnight, but check the opening hours of your local IKEA because the car park isn’t open 24 hours. To book, call us on 1300 769 389 and we’ll apply the special pricing.