In between piling kids into the car, dealing with their seating preferences that’ll probably result in an argument lasting the duration of the trip, and answering “almost”, “not long now”, or “after you have a nap” every five minutes in response to the repetitive “are we there yet?” question, you’ve not had a minute to spare to consider saving tactics when road tripping with your offspring. Not to worry though, as we’ve compiled three simple tips that could save you hundreds on your next family road trip.

Road Trip Food

Road trip snacks

Pre-buying at the supermarket is a lot cheaper than buying snacks at the servo while you’re on the road

Filling up your tank is usually accompanied with the purchase of a pre-packaged sandwich, a bottle of water and a chocolate bar/packet of lollies for good measure. Prices for petrol station consumables are typically quite expensive in comparison to your local supermarket, so make sure you schedule a supermarket visit before you set off. Pack lunch boxes of goodies for the kids to have access to in the back seat for less nagging and cheaper pit stops. Additionally, ensure everyone is equipped with their own water bottle and refill in public places (like parks) rather than re-purchase.

Road Trip Accomodation

Pre-book your accomodation; the earlier you’re able to commit to a place, the cheaper it generally is. Browse online deals and discounts available within the area you’re visiting and secure a bargain. Have you considered camping at caravan parks? Or, if you don’t have the appropriate equipment, most caravan parks have cheap cabins inclusive of kitchens… why pay for fancy accomodation when the kids can hire some pushbikes to explore the property and you can relax by a self-made fire in the evening?!


Collate all your old supermarket receipts and put any with fuel discounts straight into your console for use when you fill up. Additionally, some rewards cards offer incentives or discounts for purchases made at fuel stations. Petrol rewards cards will be of value to those who’ll be required to frequently re-fuel. Using a petrol reward card will see you obtain discounts and vouchers – compare the ones more suitable to your situation in order to reap in the rewards on offer. Hassan is the Consumer Advocate at, one of Australia’s biggest comparison websites. She is passionate about savvy-saving and helping Australians find better.