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Whether you’re taking a few months off to drive around Australia or heading up the coast for the weekend, being organised will make for a more enjoyable roadtrip. This involves planning where you’ll go, where you’ll stop off to stay, what activities you’ll do while you’re there, and ensuring your vehicle is ready to get you safely from A to B.

Next time you’re packing the car in preparation for your 5,000km journey, don’t forget to pack your phone with some handy apps to make your roadtrip smooth sailing. These days, there’s an app for almost everything. So why not use your precious iPhone to make your roadtrip the envy of all roadtrips!

Here are some of the best apps to take with you.


Let Roadtrippers know your starting point and your end location and the app will show you the best pit stops to make along the way. The Roadtrippers map finds all those hidden gems on your journey that traditional maps usually miss.

No matter where you stop, Roadtrippers will make sure you can easily find the nearest restaurants, lookouts, attractions, hotels, national parks, and more, which saves you the time of driving around in search of these!


Waze is essentially a navigation app, but shares real-time traffic and road information from the community and fellow users of the app. Waze can alert you when you’re going over the speed limit, of police up ahead, accidents and traffic jams and even where the cheapest petrol is – which can help you to decide the best route to take, while getting you to your destination as safely and quickly as possible.


GasBuddy is an absolute essential if you’re in an unfamiliar area and need to find the cheapest place to fill your fuel so you can minimise your costs. This app uses your location to find which station is offering the cheapest petrol, meaning you don’t have to drive around searching yourself. This means more money is left in your wallet.

Research from finder.com.au which surveyed over 2,000 respondents, found that 14% of us are already saving on fuel by using apps like GasBuddy – but a lot of us are still missing out, so get downloading!


If you haven’t booked your accommodation before hitting the road, TripAdvisor can help you  pick the best hotel, wherever you end up stopping for the night. This app uses your postcode to find the nearest hotels and lets you compare prices and reviews, so you don’t end up staying in a dud.


Spotify is an app that can satisfy everyone’s taste in music (saving the fights over who has the aux cord). The app makes it easy for everyone to have a go at playing their favourite song, categorising music by genre, artist, mood and lets you save songs to create your own banging playlist.

You can also share your playlist with friends and listen to playlist’s they’ve created too! You can access all the best features of Spotify for $11.99 a month.

Family Car Games

If you dread the imminent ‘are we there yet?’ question from your kids on every road trip, then Family Car Games could be your saviour. This app provides simple instructions on how to play over 100 games in the car.

You can categorise the games by age, interests or type to meet the needs of your all your travel companions. The games include storytelling, word games and song guessing, all of which require no props. For $1.99, it’s affordable and simple entertainment that will make the trip go that much faster.

Playing it safe

Remember, if you’re in the driver’s seat, keep your hands on the steering wheel and not on your phone. The most important thing is that you get to your destination safely. With a little planning and all the best roadtrip apps at your fingertips, your time on the road will be one to remember!

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