How do you GoGet around?

Scoot-commute and GoGet

There are plenty of options for getting to work for city commuters – public transport, walking, cycling… or GoGetting! But there’s a new trend that’s picking up speed. Scooters and motorcycles are becoming a popular option for commuters who have had enough of paying for parking and petrol for a car or waiting for public transport.

The number of motorbikes and scooters in Australia has jumped by 31.2 per cent in the last five years, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics[1]  – and the GoGet office is joining in the trend!

Brooke Walsh of Newtown and Brooke Warnaar of Rose Bay both work at GoGet and use a two-wheeled option to get to work.

Having a bike and using GoGet works really well together,” Brooke Warnaar said. “There’s no car taking up room in my garage, so I can use it to store other stuff. I don’t need to pay extra costs for a car that I rarely use.”

“I can even put the two together in one trip – I ride my bike to the car I need, drive around, and then pick up my bike when I’m done,” she said.

Brooke Warnaar finds GoGet is perfect for when the weather turns bad, when she’s travelling with passengers or needs to carry things that won’t fit on her bike.

A recent survey conducted by the City of Sydney found that “low cost and the convenience of motorcycling were cited by most riders as their reason for using a motorcycle or scooter, followed by availability of parking[2] – the same reasons Brooke and Brooke use GoGet! For Brooke Walsh, the best thing about scoot-commuting and GoGetting is the convenience of having plenty of options to get around, without the usual hassles that come with owning a car.

“It’s too expensive to drive to work every day and there’s no parking for a car when I get to work,” Brooke Walsh said. “Public transport can be too unreliable and in the tiny little back streets of Newtown, there’s nowhere to park a car.”

“It’s faster and cheaper for me to ride to and from work than to get the bus,” said Brooke Walsh. “I can’t remember the last time I had to check a bus timetable or the price of petrol – I just don’t have to worry about it anymore!”

With the number of motorbikes on the road and the number of GoGet cars available both rising steadily, it makes sense to combine these two fun, convenient and affordable ways to get around.

We want to know, what other fun and affordable ways have you found to get around the city? How does GoGet fit into your life? Leave your answer in the comments below.

[1] January 31, 2013 Australian Bureau of Statistics Motor Vehicle Census, Australia (cat. no 9309.0)