Spring has sprung, and we’re springing up all kinds of new features, upgrades and changes. In the spirit of the season, we’re giving our systems a fresh overhaul and launching special cars for spring chickens learning to drive. We’re also looking forward to the warmer weather, with a great long weekend special for October, and roof racks on more cars for all your outdoor adventures.

Learn with us

L-plates in GoGet Orange Is there anything more satisfying as a parent than being able to impart your hard-earned experience to your offspring and seeing them master a complicated task? You feel a surge of pride and love. Then you see them turn to you with a big smile on their face… “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BLOODY ROAD!” Ok members with teenage kids (and partners who can’t drive), strap yourselves in tight. You can now add L-platers and 1st year Red P-platers to your GoGet account so they can practice driving and get their hours up. We’ve chosen special cars for learners, which you can find by using the “Learner Friendly” features search, but if you want one closer to your home let us know. There are some restrictions and rules about who can join, and learners must complete a special application form. All the rules and the application form are on our website.

Change is coming

Preview of the new GoGet booking system It’ll be a day like any other. You’ll log in to book a car, and find the GoGet booking system splashed in a whole new palette of colours, icons and markers. In the coming weeks, our booking system and monthly invoices will be getting a refresh. At first it will be mostly a cosmetic upgrade, however functionality changes are on their way with cool new features and improvements coming. Keep an eye out for the changes, and let us know what you think!

Join GoGet

Have you thought about joining GoGet, as a team member? We currently have a wide range of jobs going, from promotions to programming, so it has never been a better time to apply. There are too many to list here, so check out our Positions Vacantpage to see them all. If you think a role would be good for you or a friend, don’t put it off! We want to hear from you.

Car Boot Market

Garage Sale Trail We had a great response to our GoGet Car Boot Market for this year’s Garage Sale Trail. The fine folks at the Garage Sale Trail have found two excellent locations to hold our member market in Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney: Bondi Beach Public School Melbourne: Southbank Library at Boyd Seeing what our participants have said they’ll be selling, we highly recommend you pay a visit in your respective city! The Garage Sale Trail is on the 25th of October, and in addition to our Car Boot Market there are individual sales and treasure trails all over the country. Find what’s going on near you at the Garage Sale Trail website.

New Cars and Pods


Thanks to our development and council partners, we now have cars in the following new Sydney locations:

… and in the following new Melbourne locations:

Tip of the Month

Scratched GoGet car We like to keep our fleet clean and well presented, because nobody likes to drive a beat-up car! So we can fix up any blemishes and attend to problems, we rely on you to report anything you see. At the beginning of your booking, you should always do a quick check and cross-reference any damage with what is listed in the log book. If there’s anything new, or if any damage occurs during your booking, call us right away and get an incident number. By checking for and telling us about all damage, we can get them fixed and ensure you get a good looking, problem-free ride. And remember, if you don’t report damage at the beginning of your booking, you may be held liable for it.

Sporty Corollas

Corolla with Roof Racks Our members are an active bunch, and coming into summer we know you’ll be wanting to cart around your kayaks, bikes, surfboards and other gear. Corollas are the perfect car for longer trips, and so you can get around and still have room for people inside the car, we’re equipping them with roof racks. Not all Corollas will have them straight away, so to make sure you’re getting a roof rack-equipped car, tick the “Roof Racks” option under Special Features in the booking system.

Visions of Sydney

Sydneyvision GoGet is all about seeing every angle of your city, which is why we sponsored theSydneyvision Song Contestthis year! Sydney is tribal and impenetrable even to us who live here, and Sydneyvision exploits this with music videos representing the suburbs of Sydney. It’s supposed to be an attempt to bring us together, but we’ll let you be the judge. From the rockers of Kingsford to the party emus of Emu Plains, we’re no closer to understanding but we are appreciating these weird corners of our city. Check out this year’s winners here, and the best picks from across previous years here.

Cool things our members are doing

Prey Our good friend and GoGet member Leila Jeffreys has spent two years immersed in the world of Australian birds, and recently launched the latest in her series. Showing at the Olsen Iwin Gallery, Leila’s Prey is a stunning look at the fierce top predators of our harsh land. Leila’s work has previously examined the Budgerigarand Wild Cockatoo, and Prey branches out into the full realm of Australian birds of prey from the Grey Falcon to the Masked Owl. The exhibition runs until the 28th of September at the Olsen Irwin Gallery in Paddington. Well worth a stop in if you’re local.   Remember, if there’s anything you’d like to share with us, get in touch with us!