We have a huge list of new things to try out and share this month, from a new friend-to-friend carsharing service, our latest global roaming partnership and a fun way for all the working-from-home-rs to get out of the house and start desk sharing! Plus, we have ten movie passes to give away and great deals for our GoOccasional and GoFrequent members!

Strap on your electrodes, we’re experimenting!

We're experimenting! Have you been telling your friends for years how carsharing has worked for you, but  they’re not quite brave enough to make the leap and give up their car yet? Well, we’re working on a new system for the cynics – GoMyCar! It’s GoGet’s latest experiment! By logging in through Facebook and using the GoMyCar platform, you can post a message to your Facebook wall when you need a car and how much you’re willing to pay. Your Facebook friends can then respond to your post through the GoMyCar app letting you know that they have a car you can borrow. And it’s free! All we’re doing is connecting people who need cars with their friends who can share their cars – just think of us as the catalyst in the reaction! GoMyCar also works if you’re in Perth, Canberra or any other city GoGet hasn’t arrived at (…yet) – why not set up your own carshare lab? We’re still in the petri dish phase, so if it does end up burning down the backyard shed… we guess that’s just what happens in beta!

Pounds and pence to dollars and cents!

City Car Club We all know GoGet membership is great for getting you places and now it will even get you around the UK! We’re thrilled to announce we have a new global roaming partnership with UK carsharers City Car Club! City Car Club has cars all over the UK, with hourly rates starting at £4.95 and 23p per mile (so mind your conversions!) City Car Club will waive the £60 annual membership fee for GoGet members. It goes both ways, so if you’re a visiting Brit and a City Car Club member, you can sign up to our goStarter plan for free, saving $49! Next time you’re heading Blighty-wards, email City Car Club to get your carsharing sorted so you’re ready to go as soon as you arrive!

Exclusive deal for GoOccasional and GoFrequent members

If you’re a GoOccasional or GoFrequent member and have been using the cars a little less often than you’d like to because you’ve ‘misplaced’ your card, good news! Until the end of May, we’re waiving the replacement fee for a new card (usually $25). Just give us a call to have a new one sent out.

But wait, there’s more!

Also, if you’re a GoFrequent member, until the end of May you can get a free upgrade to a premium car! Just make a booking on any premium car for up to two days and forward us your confirmation email to promotions@goget.com.au. We’ll then add a credit to your account. A limit of one upgrade per account does apply. So if you’ve been eyeing off an Audi or Alfa, now’s the time to treat yourself! Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing more ongoing benefits for members on the GoOccasional and GoFrequent plans… so stay tuned!

Anzac Day bookings

If you’re planning on getting away for the Anzac Day weekend, we have a great deal for an extra long weekend. Book any of our economy cars (anything that’s not a van, ute, people mover or premium car) for three days or more and only pay $49 per day! To book, just give us a call on 1300 769 389.

“This is your Co-Pilot speaking…”

Co-Pilot Cover You’ll soon start seeing our new Co-Pilots appearing in all our cars – it’s your go-to for finding a petrol station, reporting a car parked in your pod and working out any quirks for your particular car. If you have any trouble during your booking, the Co-Pilot will be your second-in-command to guide you through. As always, though, if you’re stuck, just give us a call!

Don’t panic…

Rego Stickers, a thing of the past…if you feel a little off next time you’re in a GoGet car, like something’s missing; it’s the rego sticker. Yes, it’s gone, but yes, you can still drive. Rego stickers are no longer required by the RTA, on account of their new high-tech gadgetry. Next thing to go, licence plates… or maybe not.




Hands off!

For anyone that prefers using maps on their phones to a street directory or uses their own hands-free holder in the car – good news! We’re trialling new universal phone holder cradles in our Sydney and Melbourne CBD cars. The cradles will be stuck permanently to the cars so they don’t go wandering off on a little holiday while they’re needed in the cars. Vote on our Facebook poll to help us decide where they should be installed in the cars. We’ll be installing them over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

Share a desk at WeCo

WeCo desk-sharing If you’re sold on carsharing, why not try desk sharing? WeCo is a co-working space in Edgecliff, Sydney, for start-ups, entrepreneurs and independent workers. They’ll provide a dedicated space with all the equipment you need like desks, internet, meeting rooms and espresso, and fill it with ‘co-workers’ so you can bounce your ideas off like-minded people. WeCo has a special start-up WeCo Pack for the first 30 GoGet members who sign up with WeCo, which includes:

  • 3 days free co-working access
  • 1 hour collaboration time with the resident start-up community and
  • 1 business idea consultation with experienced entrepreneur mentors

To apply for a membership, give WeCo a call today (02) 8073 7937 or visit WeCo’s sign up page.

New Cars and Pods

Thanks to our council and development partners, we have new pods in the following locations:

Tip of the Month

We don’t much care for dominoes around the office here at GoGet. And don’t get us started on domino effects! That’s why it’s a problem if you return a car to an incorrect pod. We know it’s tempting to borrow another carshare spot if yours is taken, but it can give our members a few headaches later on when cars end up in the wrong spot. If you can’t return your car to its pod, check the car’s co-pilot for instructions on how to park it, then text the car’s name and street location to 0427 777 769 so we can tell the next member where to find it.

Win a double pass the The Hunt

The Hunt Starring Mads Mikkelsen and directed by Thomas Vinterberg, The Hunt is a high-suspense drama about a man who, as the result of a child’s lie, becomes the target of a small town’s mass hysteria. Our friends at NIX Co are spoiling our GoGet members this month, with 10 double passes to give away. To win tickets simply answer the following question: “What award did Mads Mikkelsen win at Cannes for his performance in The Hunt?” Be the first to email your answers to competition@goget.com.au to win!

Cool things members are doing

Chalk Sydney with Love The night before Valentine’s Day, Jules Wade and sister Drew, together with an army of chalk-writers, put their hearts on their sleeves and spent the night drawing messages around the city for people to wake up to. And GoGet loved being able to mobilise them in their very public display of affection. Jules is a pretty passionate GoGetter. “I’m a date coach and I have a really full schedule. I was thrilled when we were able to request a pod in our street and the car got named after me! Our neighbours joke Jules the i30 gets about town almost more than I do.” This month, Jules and Drew are putting together a team of “love experts” at the MCA. Check out their website for details on upcoming events. Phew! That’s enough for one month! As always, if you have any tips, ideas or suggestions that could make our service even better, let us know! Nic, Bruce and the whole GoGet team.