Just like Santa, we’ve got something for everybody this Christmas! We’re offering 25% off your next summer getaway, free SMS for everyone, a new format for passwords, a handy guide for new drivers in Australia to avoid getting fines, and even something cool for apartment dwellers who want to get into composting. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

25% off your summer getaway

25% off 5 day bookings with GoGetPlanning a little summer getaway? Whether you’re visiting family for Christmas or escaping the city for Australia Day, do it in style and take a GoGet! Book a sporty little Yaris or Corolla, or take a roomy Sportage or RAV4, and enjoy a comfy new car for your long trip. We’re offering 25% off our normal rates on bookings 5 days or longer, if you book from a CBD pod and use promo code SUMMER25. Bookings can be for any time in December and January, but must be made before the end of December to apply.

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Free & easy SMS

GoGet SMS booking confirmationText messages are good for so many things. Food delivery times, hairdresser appointment reminders, email login codes, a dodgy online pharmacy’s latest sale, and even sometimes friends talk to you with it. We’ve long offered SMS as a convenient way to get your booking details, but it has come at the cost of 25c per message. Members who have opted for SMS notifications have told us it’s really helpful and convenient, so we’re happy to announce that SMS notifications are now free, and we’ve gone ahead and turned it on for everyone. Now when you make a booking, you’ll get a text from “GOGET” with your car’s name, rego, fuel type, fuel card PIN and a link to the pod page and map. It makes it much easier when you need to quickly check you’re at the right car, and when you need the PIN to fill up. However, if you find the messages more annoying than helpful, that’s cool! Just email us and we’ll take you off.

Tip of the month

Kilometres recorded on a trip computerDoing a lot of driving these holidays? You probably already know that if you book a car on a day rate, you get 150kms free. But did you know that if you book multiple days, the included kilometres are cumulative for the entire booking? Book a car for 3 days and get 450kms, or book a car for 7 days and get 1050kms! You can use your included kilometres all at once or evenly across your booking – however suits you. This is especially useful if you’re driving somewhere far away, but won’t be driving much once you get there. If you do reach your included limit, extra kms on day rate bookings are lower than normal – only $0.25/km.

Aussie Road Rules

A Sydney parking signThe definitive guide to driving in Australia is here! We’ve read through all the gripes, stories and tips you sent to us, and picked out the most common things that trip people up when they start driving in Australia. If you’re new to Australia, or know someone who is, check out our guide here. It covers everything from reading parking signs to hook turns, and might just prevent you from getting slugged with a fine – or at least stop getting dirty looks from other drivers!

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New Passwords

GoGet redesigned login screenFor a long time now, we’ve worked on an 8 digit member number, 4 digit access code system for logging in. It’s quaint and something that’s been with GoGet since the beginning, but we know it’s not in step with the rest of your digital life, so we’re changing it up. From today, you can now set a regular password to use with GoGet. This password can be a word, a number or a mixture of both, and can be between 8 and 22 characters long. To change to the new system, reset your password here.

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New cars and pods – NSW

New cars and pods – VIC

New cars and pods – QLD

Getting around on NYE

New Years Eve fireworks on Sydney HarbourSydney is indisputably the New Year’s Eve capital of the world, with an incredible fireworks display and events all over the city. This also means that NYE shuts down large parts of the city, with road closures and ferry and bus services impacted. The City of Sydney has put together guides for people going into the city for NYE, and people who work in the city. If you’re going to be around on the 31st of December, give them a read to see how things might affect you. If you do need a ride home after roads open, remember GoGet cars are free between midnight and 6am. Road closures also mean that we need members to look after some GoGet cars. If you can keep a car out of the way of revellers and fireworks, you can get 2 days for the price of 1! If you haven’t already, register your interest here and we’ll get in touch.

330 Park St Collective

GoGet at 330 Park St CollectiveOur friends at HIP V. HYPE (behind The Commons and Nightingale developments) have outdone themselves with an envy-inducing new co-working space in Carlton North. Designed by the tenants themselves, architects Achier and furniture designers Inkster worked with HIP V. HYPE to deliver their own perfect office space, and they now share it all together! Besides looking beautiful and being just lovely to be in, the office features a stunning mural by Adnate and Plea on the side wall, is powered by solar panels and Tesla Powerwalls, and has its own GoGet pod outside, where Helmut the Corolla lives. If you need an excuse to go inside and take a stickybeak, you have one! 330 Park St Collective is also our newest pickup point, which means if you happen to need a new GoGet smartcard, you can pop in, get a Member Pack and get driving straight away. To see some great pics and read about 330 Park St, check out the Dezeen article about the office, and their Instagram.


Make some cash

The Yello AppLooking to make a bit of money over the uni holidays? Yello is a homegrown Australian food delivery app, but you’ve probably never heard of it! That’s because it works transparently with restaurants to give them delivery ability, instead of being an app that people use to order food. As far as customers know, it’s just the restaurant delivering the food. Yello is also different in that they welcome GoGet members to be drivers. They reckon with GoGet’s low rates, you’ll come out on top earning money from deliveries through the Yello platform. That means you can make some money in your spare time delivering food, with nothing more than your GoGet membership. To learn more and sign up, check out the Yello website. Please note, Yello operates in NSW and Victoria only.

Cool things our members are doing

ShareWaste When you’re cooking dinner or cleaning out the fridge, do you wish you could compost all your food scraps insteading of sending them to landfill? Living in the city, especially in an apartment, composting isn’t always possible – but where there’s a will there’s a way! GoGet member Kate wrote in about a new service she uses called ShareWaste. It connects people who want to compost (but don’t have the space) to people nearby with compost bins, worm farms and chickens who are more than happy to accept some extra organic matter. ShareWaste means you can join in on composting, without having to actually have a compost bin, which we think is pretty neat! If you’d like to find somewhere nearby to drop off your food scraps or garden waste, or if you have a compost bin you’d like to open up to your neighbours, check out the ShareWaste website and register. If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us. The GoGet Team