Pet hammocks

Great news for pet owners – we’re increasing the number of pet friendly cars

Body: If you have a VIP (very important pet) who needs a lift, feel free to bring Sir Rufus along on your next trip in one of our pet friendly cars. If he is your guest of honour, just be sure to be considerate of other members using the car and follow these guidelines:

  • Always use the backseat hammock provided (if it is not already fitted, it may be stored in the boot);
  • Keep your pets in the back seat ONLY.
  • Clean up after your pets if they make a mess (you’ll find alcohol wipes and a pet hair roller in the glovebox for this purpose).

Please pass these rules on to your pets and let them know that while we love furry friends at GoGet, our number one priority is the convenience of our two-legged members, so if they break the rules, they could lose their right to ride in a GoGet car!