1This month we’re here to say there is such thing as a free lunch, you don’t always get what you pay for, and it’s perfectly fine to get something for nothing. We’re here with easy ways for you to save a bit of money, win something free, and even earn a bit of extra dosh on the side. To balance things out, we also have a couple things you can do to give back to the universe. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

40% off weekend trips

Car on asphalt road on summer day at parkHow’d you like to drive home from work on Friday, keep a car for the weekend, and return it Monday morning? We’ve got a great offer for our CBD cars in Sydney, North Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to get you out and about for the weekend. Just book two days or longer, and get 40% off your day rate! To find an eligible City Car, log into the booking system, type in a CBD train station or street address (maybe even your work building), and use promo code CBD40. If the pod says “Not Open 24 Hours”, click it to check the opening hours – some pods aren’t open on weekends, so you’ll need to pick it up Friday afternoon. You can use the promo code for as many weekends as you’d like, until the end of September. For all the details, check out ourSpecials Page.

Win a weekend with an Audi

3Do you or people you know have to use cars or taxis for work? You could win a free weekend in an Audi, driving credit and even free membership by putting in a good word for us! Getting around can be complicated and expensive for businesses to handle, from taxi receipts to odometer readings, key handouts and reimbursement forms. GoGet works for business just like it does for you: we handle all the car management hassles and costs, so you can focus on getting around. If you think your work could use GoGet, make us an introduction before the end of September and you’ll go in the draw to win 1 of 3 free weekends with the car of your choice – including any of our Audis. If your introduction leads somewhere, there are even more incentives available.

Put in a good word

Keep us updated

4Have you moved house or changed your phone number since joining? We have good reasons for asking, promise! We need your current phone number to get in touch if there’s any issues with the car you’ve booked, if someone has booked it immediately after you, and to let you know about lost property. If we don’t have your phone number, you’ll be none the wiser if your booked car has been changed, if you’re unable to extend your booking, or if you’ve left a cherished teddy bear in the back seat. Knowing your current address helps us plan our network better. By knowing how many members live in different areas, we can talk to council about putting new pods in, and make sure there’s always a car available near you.

Update your details

Tip of the month

Krabs 2Everyone loves to save some money! But usually if something’s on spesh, there’s a reason why. A shirt that doesn’t fit right, veges that are close to expiry, an appliance about to be replaced with something better… Well, there’s nothing odd about our Pod Specials! Pods on special give you $19 off your day rate, so you can save a bit of money and take a trip away for less. To find pods on special near you, go to our Specials Page and expand the Pod Specials section. We put hundreds of pods on special every month, so if there’s none near you now, check back again next month. Tip: To ensure you get the pod special, make sure to book your car for the full 24 hours. Any less, even if it’s a day rate, and the discount won’t apply.

Wear the GoGet Colours

The GoGet Street Team is currently hiring! We’re looking for passionate people to represent us at local markets, university open days, festivals and other events, and to tell the world about the wonders of carshare. We provide everything you need, including training and stylish GoGet-themed apparel. We work with all kinds of availability, so if you’re studying, have another job or are doing other stuff with your life, that’s fine too. In Sydney, we’re after Street Team staff, and in Melbourne, we’re after staff as well as a localStreet Team Manager. We’re hiring right now, so don’t delay!

Try out an Audi A3

6Have you had a chance to try out a super fancy Audi A3 for cheap? If you haven’t, it’s all good, there’s still time. We’ve extended our Super Fancy for the price of Fancy offer, which means you can book an Audi A3 for the same price as an A1. The offer has been extended until the end of August, so you don’t have long. To book an A3, find your closest one here. Please note this applies to Audi A3 Sportbacks and Sedans, but not the Convertibles.

Cool things our members are doing

7Powershop are one of our newest company members, but it’s not just us moving them around. We use Powershop’s GreenPower to power our Plug-in Hybrid Outlander at 101 Collins St, so in a way they’re helping us get around too. Powershop is a very cool new approach to power supply. Rather than getting a big bill each quarter with all your electricity use for the past 3 months, you see exactly how much energy you’re using day-to-day, and then pay a monthly bill or even pay for small chunks as you go to stay on top of things. It’s all really easy and fun using their smartphone app! All Powershop electricity is 100% carbon neutral because they offset it at no extra cost to you, but they also make it easy to buy GreenPower using the app for just a few dollars extra – just like we do for Pablo the Outlander! You can learn more and join at powershop.com.au.   If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us. The GoGet Team