This month we have some great ideas for spring. Clean out your house for Garage Sale Trail, get out of the city for the long weekend, and take a couple days off work with a free day. We’re also asking you to help out with a couple things! Check out our specials page for the low down on all our current offers, and for discounted pods log in to the booking system.

Garage Sale Trail

GoGet Garage Sale Trail 2015

The spring tradition of a big city-wide garage sale clear out continues with the 2015 Garage Sale Trail on October 24th.

If your place is getting a bit cluttered, why not get involved? Register your sale with the Garage Sale Trail, and you’ll get listed on the website, be sent a bunch of helpful materials, and most of all, you’ll benefit from the buzz and activity of the big day with everybody out shopping.

If you’re more of a garage sale shopper, we’ll be giving one lucky member a VIP Garage Sale Trail experience. Think chauffeurs, vans and the ultimate shopping spree. Details of our competition will be released in early October, so stay tuned!

Take off in October

Duck Taking OffThe weather is at that perfect sweet spot of sunny and dry, without being too hot in the sun, and there’s starting to be more on in and around the city. It’s the perfect time for a little long weekend.

We’re offering 3 days for the price of 2 on selected CBD pods for the Labour Day long weekend. You really get 3 and a bit days, because we’re letting you pick up a city car after work on Friday, and return it Tuesday morning. For those of you in Melbourne getting the Friday off, you can pick it up after work on Thursday, and return Monday morning for the same rate.

For all the details about this offer and to make a booking, please check out our Specials Page.

Tip of the Month

If you’ve ever booked a van from IKEA, you’ll know it involves a return trip back to the store at the end of your booking. So you can make the most of your return trip, we’ve asked around and gathered some hints!

Take your packaging back for recycling This is especially good if you live in an apartment building and share your bins. So you don’t fill your wheelies up, unwrap your purchases when you get home, load the cardboard and plastic back into the van, and give it to IKEA to recycle.

Recycle old light bulbs and batteries IKEA recycle things that your normal household collection doesn’t, like light bulbs and batteries. Do a quick round up, and take them back with you.

Pick up what you forgot The bigger an IKEA trip, the more likely it is that you’ve forgotten something, or bought the wrong thing. Going back means you can sort it out on the same day, instead of having to wait until your next trip.

Grab lunch! After a big shop and all that heavy lifting, you’ll be hungry. Have some meatballs, have a coffee and chill out for a bit. You don’t want to be building furniture with the hangries!

Spring Forward

Daylight Savings kicks in on Sunday October 4th, which presents us with the mammoth challenge of changing nearly 2000 clocks!Check your watch after daylight savings!

While we get on with winding 2000 hours forward, please check your own time to ensure you’re not late with your booking. Our booking system uses the right time and isn’t connected to the car clock.

If you are using a car on Sunday or the days immediately after, we would really appreciate it if you could change the clock if you notice it’s wrong. It’s usually quite simple, just hold the Hor Hour button down for one second, to move the time forward one hour. Thanks for your help!

Hot Off the PressChill out and read the GoGet Blog

We have all kinds of interesting things we want to share with you, so we’ve relaunched our blog.

Our new blog doesn’t just look better, our content has gotten a bit of a freshen up with a new focus and more categories. You’ll see less articles about us and more about living in the city, transport issues and great places to go. Should big dogs live in small apartments? Is a robot car apocalypse on its way? What’s a great suburb to explore? Visit our blog to find out the answers.

If the articles look good to you, you can subscribe and get a weekly summary of new articles. If they don’t, you can suggest new articles for us too! We’re always open to new writers, if you’re interested in contributing. Just click the Suggest and Subscribe links on the blog.

Take the day off… and another one!

Take a day off and head to the beachWe have a long weekend coming up, but if you feel like you need an extra bit of time away from work, we have a great deal for GoFrequent and GoOccasional members. Book any standard car for a day rate from Monday to Friday, and you can claim a second week day free. The second day could be consecutive, or a separate booking in September or October. That means you can book a car and take Monday off next week, then some time in October do the same, and get the second booking for free! For details on how to claim, check out our Specials Page.

Cool things our members are doing

Save Manly's Little Penguins Manly is home to about 67 breeding pairs of Little Penguins, and is the only mainland NSW colony of penguins. That makes it extra devastating that a stray fox recently killed 27 of them in just over two weeks. We’ve been helping GoGet member Chantelle and volunteers with the National Parks and Wildlife Service scramble to respond to the fox threat, providing cars for them to set up traps and keep watch at stations around Manly. So this never happens again, because the colony can’t survive another attack like that, they’re trying to raise $20,000 to deploy motion sensing cameras, fox lights and penguin nesting boxes. They’re offering penguin prizes for certain donation levels, so check out their campaign. If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, write to us. The GoGet Team