This month we’re all about doing good and spreading the love. We’ve got a new car joining the fleet which you’ll love, we’re thanking local councils everywhere, we’re sharing a great idea for keeping cyclists safe, and we’re supporting a great Australian non-profit doing good things. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

Your new favourite car

Look out for our cutest new addition to the fleet – the totally adorable Prius C! It looks a little bit like a Yaris, but don’t be fooled. It’s a high tech hybrid with one of the best ratings for GHG and pollution emissions in Australia, it’s lovely to drive and has a high end interior. The Prius is keyless and push to start, it has special “touch tracer” steering wheel buttons you’ll actually use, and the dash has a special display showing everything going on with the battery and hybrid engine. We’re rolling out the Prius C to keep helping the environment, but we also think you’ll really enjoy driving this car. They’ll be coming later this year, and if you want one in a pod near you, register your interest today.

Give your council a thanks

If GoGet cars are in your area, chances are your local government are to thank for that! Dedicated people at council run trials, write carshare policies, get community input and find suitable carshare bays for our cars. It’s a lot of work, and we think they deserve a bit of appreciation now and then! If easy access to on-street carshare bays makes your life easier, we encourage you to write a quick email to your local council telling them so. Whether you’re able to live without a owning a car at all, or if GoGet just comes in handy when you need it most, your stories help council remember the importance of carshare. You can also let them know if you’d appreciate more pods in the area, or if a pod could be more conveniently located for you. We’ve put together a list of email addresses and contact forms for all the local government areas we operate in, which you can view here.

The Dutch Reach

Last month we featured the “Think of the Impact” stickers we’re putting on our cars. These stickers are little reminders to look for bikes before you open your car door, to help avoid tragic cases of “car dooring”. A great tip we got from a member was something called the “Dutch Reach“, which just means opening the car door with your left hand instead of the right. It’s a simple change but it makes all the difference! When you pull the latch with your right hand and push the door open with your elbow, you’re facing ahead and it’s awkward to turn around and look for bikes or traffic. With the Dutch Reach you’re naturally looking in the right direction, so you’ll see if anybody is coming along.

Watch the video

Add extra drivers for free

With your GoGet Business account, you can invite all your staff or other teams to become drivers. If you have staff who are using cabs to get to meetings, or are driving their own cars and getting reimbursements, you could save a lot of money by getting them set up with GoGet instead. It’s free to add extra drivers with GoGet, and there’s no limit to how many can join. If you’d like spare member packs to keep in the office, get in touch with our business team. Add extra drivers by going to Membership Details in the booking system, and email invitations to complete an application. Each driver gets their own login and smartcard, so there’s never any confusion over who booked a car.

Host a GoGet van on premises

Does your business rely on GoGet vans? How handy would your very own GoGet van be! Currently we have vans stationed at Artbank in Waterloo, and Wicked Foods in Lane Cove West. They’ve given over a spare parking space, and in exchange have a GoGet van so convenient it’s basically their own commercial van. Of course, GoGet vans are available for all members to use, so they also benefit local residents and businesses. We’re currently expanding our network of vans, so if you have available parking and would like a GoGet van stationed on site, get in touch with us today.

New cars and pods – NSW

New cars and pods – VIC

Tip of the month

Are you planning a big road trip soon? Let us know before you head off, so we can ensure the fuel card will work for you. Normally our cars don’t venture very far, so the fuel cards are only set up for a limited number of refuels in a certain period. However, if you’re driving a long way and need to refuel more often, this means the fuel card might stop working. There is an easy fix! Just give us a call before your trip, and we can tell Motorpass to relax the limit on your fuel card. You will need to let us know at least a day in advance, and on a weekday – there’s not much we can do on a Saturday morning as you take off on your trip! Remember, if ever the fuel card doesn’t work, pay with your own money and keep the receipt. We’ll reimburse you with a driving credit, just take a photo of the receipt and sent it to

Cool things our members are doing

One Education is an Australian nonprofit that’s all about putting computers in schools and helping kids learn computer skills. They use GoGet to deliver their Infinity:One device to schools across Australia, and to pay them visits to provide support and make sure they’re making the most of the computers.

The Infinity:One is a 2 in 1 computer just for kids, designed here in Australia. It’s light, affordable and super durable. The keyboard is detachable to make it a tablet, the battery lasts all day, and it comes with a pen and a macro lens for curious and creative minds. It runs Windows 10 so it’s not a bad computer for adults too, especially if you don’t like to be too precious with your devices. To celebrate shipping their 60,000th device, One Education are offering $60 off to buy an Infinity:One for you or your kids. We’re also offering 20% off GoGet bookings with a purchase, on unlimited trips through July, August and September. Use GOGETONE to get a discount on the Infinity:One, and we’ll send you a promo code to save on your GoGet trips too!

If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us. The GoGet Team