It may be the cold weather, or the icy roads, keeping us indoors during Christmas in Canada, but our holiday flick lexicon is vast, varied, and it’s an art we are committed to. Here are some of my favourite, and somewhat obvious, choices for Christmas screen time – in no particular order.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Because 1: Jimmy Stewart gives the performance of a lifetime, and 2: I’ve been watching this film with my dad since I could open my eyes. But more than that, it has all the feel goods you need at Christmas: love, community, family, and in the end a box full of cash.

Home Alonemaxresdefault

This iconic film of the 90s requires little to no introduction. Between the firecrackers, dopey burglars and booby-traps, and probably one of the best movie soundtracks to come out of hollywood, this film brings entertainment and all the feels together.

The Santa Clause
maxresdefault (1)

Tim Taylor’s fantastically mediocre dad comedy at it’s best. I might enjoy this movie purely for the multiple fat suits Taylor wears throughout.

A Christmas Story

The leg lamp. And the above scene.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Besides being a doubly useful movie (Hallowe’en AND Christmas), the claymation is flawless and the sets take you far far away to a very strange place.