Every year millions of people flock to the inner city to get a better view of the fireworks. They bring large groups of people with lots of rowdy drinking and over loudly stereos. Some years it just doesn’t feel worth it (especially if you have kids). I personally have regretted some of the places I’ve decided to go to watch the fireworks over the years! iStock_000013284073_Large As Sydney Habour usually is the highlight for Australia, most people try for spots right on the water. This is NOT a good idea! Massive crowds, little seating and the odd early partier that just can’t control themselves make these spots very undesirable. It’s pretty much the same with every other city too. If you have a friend with a decent backyard and even a small view of the spectacle, it’s always the best option as you can control the people around you and bring the kids. The other option is to find a park or field that is a vantage point for the show. Here is a list of place from each city that we’ve found. Sydney:

  • St Peters, Sydney park
  • Centennial Park
  • Vaucluse Park
  • Anderson Park


  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Spice Markets
  • Yarraville Gardens


  • Captain Burke Park
  • Wilson’s Lookout
  • Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve


  • Elder Park
  • Windy Point Lookout
  • Adelaide University Park