Every year people spend their holidays in different ways. Whether it be with their families, having a so-called “Orphan’s Christmas” away from their families, or just a good old Festivus for the rest of us (personal fav). We all need a little down time during this period to recover from the large amounts of food we cram in to the feats of strength and airing of grievances. Here are my personal 5 favourite movies to watch to help me through this time. Enjoy!


Die Hard
It’s the standard for most action movie lovers and I’m no exception. One of the most iconic movies with the most amazing lines ever spoken in movies “yippee ki yay, mother ****”. A must watch every year. Plus it takes place during Christmas itself!

Jingle all the way

jingle-all-the-wayArnie playing the boring dad… Nah, he doesn’t roll that way! On a quest to find his son a Turbo Man action figure, Arnie gets himself into a world of hilarious trouble. The perfect mixture of terrible sound effects and Arnie sounds… “It’s Turbo time!”

Santa’s Slay

santas-slayGOLDBERG! All wrestling fans would have had this one on their lists at some stage.
This movie is so bad that it’s amazing! Turns out Santa is actually a demon and just wants to go around riding in his slay led by “Hell-Deer” and kill everyone… In a comedic fashion of course.

National Lampoon’s: Christmas Vacation

There is no other movie that sums up how frustrating Christmas can be when spending it with your family. Christmas Vacation is possibly the best installation of the series and is my personal favourite of the Griswold’s wacky adventures.


elf-1“Buddy The Elf, what’s your favourite colour?”
The story of a boy raised in the North Pole who, as an adult, sets out to find his father in the hectic city of NY. It all ends in the way you expect but the trip to get there is hilarious! I watch every year and I still laugh hard every time. The pure comedic actions of Will Farrell make this one the last of my favourite movies to watch over the holidays.


Let us know your top 5 also!