Staff Guides to Christmas: Sydney Fish Markets

As with all typical Aussie families, a quick run to the Sydney Fish Markets to get the freshest produce is a very important but stressful time. We have some helpful tips to get you in and out as quick as possible.

Crowds usually build up around lunchtime for the 3 days leading to Christmas. If you’re willing to get there a few days early, you’ll have an easier time as there is less of a crowd. If you demand the freshest meats, than you’ll need to get up a little earlier than you’re used too. The Fish Markets open on the 23rd at 5am and will stay open for a 36 hour sale. So the best time to get there is between midnight and 5am on Christmas Eve. You can always do a midnight run on the 23rd December but you’ll most likely still face a larger crowd.

Here are the opening times for the Sydney Fish Markets over Chrissy:

Sunday 17th to Thursday 22nd December:
6am – 5pm

Friday 23rd to Saturday 24th December:
5am – 5pm the following day (Open 36 hours straight)

And remember to always be friendly with your fish monger as their dealing with large, screaming crowds all day!


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