6Emilie Walsh is a Melbourne based artist working in photo, video, sculpture and installation, and she was part of the Abbotsford Convent “Open Spaces” festival on the 6th of November. And GoGet was here too! 4 The heritage building in Abbotsford opens its doors for a one-day event with music, performances, food and an Art Trail, representing some local artists. Emilie’s exhibition for the festival consisted of an installation of viewing devices giving access to some hidden images. Emilie designs and builds viewing boxes in which the visitor can look to see some images of the Convent, archive photos or secret details. 1To help Emilie install her show and bump out of the Convent, GoGet offered a van for Emilie to carry her artworks around Melbourne for the exhibition. GoGet is always happy to help local communities with cars or vans. If you have a project that you think would suit the GoGet movement, contact us here. To learn more about Emilie’s exhibition, visit the Abbotsford Convent website.