Take the stress out of Airport pickups

Recently, we launched a new Sydney Airport pod to take the time, stress and cost out of airport pickups. No more queuing at taxi ranks, paying for parking or persuading a generous friend to brave the traffic to come and get you and your bags.

The pod is located at the Mercure Airport Hotel. Simply get one of the regular shuttle buses from the airport ($6), and you’re on your way! These pods are particular in that they allow members fly to Sydney, pick up a car and use it for a day or two, before returning for the flight back.

See the shuttle bus timetable here.

Guests of the Mercure Airport Hotel get free membership and can get a member pack at the front desk.

The pod is located in the car park adjacent to the hotel and can be accessed with a swipe of a GoGet key.

Sydney airport hotel

We launched this pod off the back of the popularity of first airport pod in Melbourne. It has been operational for some time, and is particularly popular with our Sydney members, given the traffic moving between the two cities for short visits and daily business trips! However, any member flying from any origin to Melbourne or Sydney can use the airport pods.

The Melbourne Airport pod is located in Andrew’s Airport Parking, where several GoGet cars live. As with Sydney, get a quick shuttle bus to the pod for a speedy getaway.

It’s easier than it sounds! Two of our Sydney members who regularly fly to Melbourne shared their thoughts with us:



“Yeah I go Melbourne a lot! I use it mainly for personal purposes and business meetings. It’s much more convenient and you have a car!

No hassle to get there, the shuttle bus is almost always there and the staff are really friendly. Just exit the terminal, go to the shuttle bus stands and find the blue Andrews bus! Get on and in 5 min or less you take the care! Off you go.

 Before GoGet had cars there I had to use the bus shuttle to the city and public transport. GoGet gives me more flexibility and freedom.

Cars are new and awesome! They’re clean and shiny every time!”



“We fly to Melbourne about once every 6-8 weeks. Our family in Melbourne lives 60km from the airport so it is not always convenient to get to/from the airport. As such we have found that the GoGet cars to/from Melbourne airport have been very useful.  

The process of picking up the car from Andrew’s parking is also great. We are able to pick up the GoGet car from Andrew’s parking within 20mins of arriving and leaving the airport terminal and has so far been hassle free. As a result we only have to add about 20mins onto our time of getting to the airport.”


If you travel frequently to Melbourne or Sydney for short trips, make sure you consider the ease of GoGet and the convenience of having your own car to get around while you’re there.

Thank you to those members who sent in their experiences using the Melbourne Airport Pod. We hope the Sydney Airport Pod will become just as popular. Remember, Mercure Airport Hotel guests are eligible for a free GoGet membership, just ask at reception!

Sydney Airport Pod at the Mercure.

Sydney Airport Pod at the Mercure.

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