Love having GoGet cars just around the corner? Most likely you have your local council to thank for that! Councils provide most of the pods in our fleet, and they do an excellent job of facilitating car sharing in the most convenient spots to serve residents in their area.

What can I do?

All councils review the impact and usage of car sharing in their respective areas, and it helps to contact them every now and then to say thank you and explain how carshare fits in your life. If you enjoy having carshare bays in your area, and if you have suggestions on how it could be even more convenient for you, please take a minute to write a quick note to your local council and let them know!




We are in discussions with Brisbane City Council about bringing more carsharing options near you. If you would like Council to know you support carsharing, you can let them know here:

Unsure which council is yours?

View a full guide to New South Wales and Victoria.