We all leave things to the last minute and unfortunately Father’s Day for most is no different. So this year, we’ve put together a list of our top ten last minute ideas for Fathers’ Day that are both simple and seamless.

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1. Brekky in bed

Sometimes simple is best. Let dad sleep in and wake him up with a fresh cuppa’ tea and the smell of bacon wafting through the kitchen.

Even better, why not wake the kids up earlier and take them out to the local farmer’s markets to purchase some fresh produce for a gourmet brekky in bed! Pancakes, bacon & eggs or even the standard vegemite on toast – all suitable options to kick-start the day.

2. DIY presents

If you’ve got small kids, making something special handmade for Dad is always a winner. From personalised key chains, decorated cards or hand painted coffee mugs. If you don’t have much time, get the kids make a card as you cook brekky.

3. Scavenger Hunt

No matter what age, sending your Dad off on a scavenger hunt can be lots of fun for everyone involved. If you’ve got young kids, get them up early and place a few clues around the house, or if you’re feeling adventurous, the local neighbourhood and sit back and relax. Watch on as he struggles to decipher your clues; it’s not so much the destination, but the journey.

4. Surprise Adventure

Take advantage of our Father’s Day special and book a GoGet for a fun day out. Don’t tell Dad where you’re going and make it a surprise! With plenty of great spots just a few hours drive from the CBD you’re spoilt for choice. From a picnic in the park or lunch by the ocean – a Sunday drive never fails to impress on Father’s Day. How about treating him to a real surprise and book a GoGet BMW convertible for the day?

5. Weekend Escape 

With Father’s Day falling on a Sunday why not start the celebrations early and make a weekend of it. Book a GoGet and head out of the city on Saturday, into the great outdoors. There are plenty of local hiking trails and fishing spots in many of the national parks just outside of the CBD, some with camping on site too! Make it a weekend escape and go experience some place new! See here for those around Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

6. BBQ Lunch

Head out to the markets that morning and get all the ingredients for a Father’s Day BBQ lunch. Invite the neighbours and make a day of it, relaxing in the backyard with a sizzling BBQ lunch and game of backyard cricket. Don’t have a BBQ? Even better! Why not get Dad one for Father’s Day and send him out on a wild goose chase around the house, leaving clues for him to find his new toy (that you obviously picked up with a GoGet Van the day before…) and watch the excitement!

7. Experiential

If your dad is an adrenaline junky who loves anything ‘extreme’ than head on over to RedBalloon. They’ve got a great selection of outdoor experiences for those looking to get their heart pumping! From rally car driving, skydiving and hot air ballooning – there’s a huge range on offer and they’ve even given GoGet members a special discount (10% OFF site-wide using the code: GoGet10) just in time for the special day! Remember to book a GoGet if you need help getting to your Father’s Day destination.

8. Brewery Tour

If you’re all over 18yrs old and looking for something that the whole family can enjoy than this is it! Book a tour at one of Dad’s favourite and enjoy a day out relaxing and taste testing your way through a delicious selection of mouth-watering beerverages’. If you’re not sure where to go, we put together a list of the best breweries in Melbourne but otherwise there’s plenty of taste-testing tours available on RedBalloon all over Australia. Hint – if you’re a GoGet member, be sure to take advantage of their GoGet 10% OFF site-wide Father’s Day discount.

9. Cooking Class 

If he’s a master in the kitchen and loves to cook – why not book him in with a few other dads to perfect their culinary skills! With plenty of unique cooking classes out there, there’s something for everyone. Have him learn to make his own pasta, become a pro on the barbie or treat him to a Gentleman’s High Tea. He might even come home with something yummy for dinner! Hint – RedBalloon have a number of unique cooking classes on offer.

10. Barber Shop Experience

Treat dad to the ultimate barber shop experience – a nostalgic outing with whisky in tow! With a number of boutique barber’s popping up all over Australia, The Barber Shop in Sydney & Kings Domain in Melbourne are our go-tos and have both come on board to offer an exclusive GoGet member discount on a range of their voucher experiences. From a boutique beard styling session or vintage hot towel, razor blade shave – he’ll come back looking as handsome as ever.