Isn’t it the worst leaving the house without your furry friends? Travelling with your pets doesn’t have to be hard. Instead of them moping and waiting for you to return home, why not give them the active lifestyle they need while you head off on your weekend adventures? Being prepared and organised when travelling with pets is key. Keep your pets secure, fed and hydrated, whether you’re heading out to the park or even an annual trip to the vet.

Here’s how to easily travel with your pets:

travelling with pets

Leave The House Prepared

Your pets need as much care as you give yourself, so make sure to bring equipment with you (or always keep a bag in the car) with the right supplies. Rubbish bags, leads, and upholstery care for your car seats will ensure mess is taken care of. When out and about, keep an eye on your dog’s toilet tendencies so you don’t get a stern eye from on-lookers! Remember to respect on-leash areas too: you don’t want to set off allergic reactions or scare those who don’t love animals as much as you.

Pets get hangry too! Head to local vets or pet supply stores for bulk animal snacks, or perhaps The Pet Grocer in South Melbourne. Here, you can customise packs of treats for exactly what your little one needs or find some skin treatments to stave off against creepy crawlies. There are even collapsible water bowls that you can carry around and top up for your furry friend to drink from. Think ahead to what you’ll be doing for the day or over the weekend if you’re heading away. You may need to bring a weekend travel bag for your pet! They’ll love sleeping in their own bed (just like you!), or an extra layer like a pet jacket might be required in chillier areas.

Vehicle Safety

It’s against the law to have a pet unrestrained in a vehicle. Instead of them standing up on the seat with their head out on the window, be sure to secure them safely with an approved doggy seatbelt. These are really cheap and most pet stores will be able to advise which is best for your animal. Also, never leave a pet in a vehicle unattended. Even if you think they’ll be right with a window left down, our furry friends don’t like being alone and it’s really bad for their health on hot days. Especially when the internal temperature of a car can get up to 50+ degrees. 

If you don’t own a car and are planning on a weekend get-away with your furry friend, GoGet vehicles are a great option. Simply filter your vehicle search online to be Pet Friendly. You can take pets in carriers or use the mats provided on the seats. Dogs are the only pets that can sit without a carrier, so keep your birds and snakes contained, please!

Research Pet Friendly Places

Your adventure awaits! Where will you go? Head to our blog for the best dog beaches, markets, art and sculpture parks, and more. Better yet, head to some of the best animal-friendly spots such as indie breweries, outdoor cafes, or hiking trails.

Public transport restrictions usually don’t allow animals unless they are for disability reasons. So why not take advantage of the extra physical activity or drive somewhere where you can go for a long walk or partake in an activity. Think of it as *kind of* wanting to tire out your dog so that they sleep long into the night.

Petiquette In GoGet

Travelling with pets is easy if you’re prepared and respectful of others. Days out are always more fun when your pet can tag along, and GoGet is here to help if you need a vehicle for the day without leaving your pooch at home. It’s just one more step in the usual GoGet process, just filter your search by ‘Pet Friendly’ vehicles.

As usual, GoGet does all the cleaning of the vehicle including vacuuming. As long as measures are taken to minimise mess, you will have no clean-up to clean up! Use the equipment provided—mats, wipes, lint roller and pet hammocks— as a precaution if you need it and enjoy your time out and about rather than stressing about returning the car in a poor state. Don’t risk incurring a mess fee—we provide the essentials to keep the car clean.

You may be more lenient when driving your own car, though it’s always best to keep wipes and towels in your vehicle just in case.


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