We’ve got a treat coming with an exciting new addition to the fleet, a great offer for you to get your own electric wheels, and our office dogs were featured in an article that’s all about office dogs! (there are lots of pics, we promise). Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

More Audi for Less

Audi A3 Sedan

It’s been one year since we introduced the Audi A3 to our fleet, with it GoGet got a little bit more fancy. Everyone who drives an A3 loves them, and we want to open up the fancy to more people, so this winter you can treat yourself to an A3 for the price of an A1.

That’s right, we’ve lowered the price of our Audi A3 from “Super Fancy” to the lower “Premium” rate on your plan, but only until the end of July.

There’s no promo code or special to validate, the new pricing is valid on standard bookings right away, so find an Audi A3 near you and book your luxurious trip away today. This change applies to A3 Sedans and Sportbacks. Convertibles remain on the Super Fancy rate.

Switching Up

All new Kia SportageOur wagons have been well-loved members of the fleet for many years now, giving you a bit more space when you have lots of people and things to carry. However, the wagons are getting a little long in the tooth, and it’s about time we switched them up for something better.

Say hello to the beautiful new Kia Sportage! It’s a very good looking car, and you’ll love the inside too with its elegant dash and big comfortable seats. It has heaps of space in the boot and rear seats, so it’s perfect for road trips with the fam.

Kia Sportage interiorOur Kia Carnival people mover has been really popular, especially for its design and neat little features, and we’re glad to say the Sportage delivers on this too. The rear seats get their own A/C vents, 12v plug and USB port, and by the end of the year a software upgrade will deliver CarPlay and Android Auto, the latest thing to make the entertainment system play nicely with your smartphone. Engine wise, it’s got more power than the old wagons, with no extra emissions. It’s also got a higher safety rating and better pedestrian protection.


A note on placement: We’re conscious that we’re replacing a standard rate car with a premium rate SUV, so we’ll be tweaking the allocation of them to ensure you’re not negatively impacted. Wagons with baby seats, and areas that have fewer nearby economy cars, will likely be replaced with a Corolla instead. If you have any feedback about whether you want a Sportage near you, we’d like to hear it, so let us know here.

Tip of the month

Always remember your smartcard!To use GoGet you need a couple things: Your member number, and your smartcard! Your smartcard lets you into the car, and locks it when you’re done, but what happens if you don’t have your smartcard? You could get caught without your smartcard for any number of reasons, but you don’t need a good excuse to pick one up and start driving again. Simply go into one of our retail partners with some ID, they’ll give you a new one, and you’ll be back on the road in no time. Our retail partners are newsagents, IKEA stores, cycle shops and all kinds of businesses who are there to help you in your time of need.


Fonzarelli and GoGet special offerWhile many of our members give up owning a car for good, we know that if you have a daily commute it can be hard to let go of car ownership. That’s why we’ve partnered with Fonzarelli to give you another option – a very schmick electric scooter!

Fonzarelli scooters are 100% electric, so they make very little noise, don’t need any fuel and don’t produce any emissions. The battery easily swaps out, just plug it in at home or at work and you’ll have enough juice to get you going – 50kms on one charge. It’s all very practical and smart, but driving them is really fun too because they’re so zippy – 0 to 60 in 6 seconds!

With GoGet there when you need four wheels, and a smart electric scooter for your daily commute, who needs to own a car! GoGet members get a free upgrade pack worth $465, including a topbox and faster charge package with on-board USB port. Check it out here.

New cars and pods

New cars and pods

GoGet Spotting

Orange GoGet vehicle We know kids love looking out for other cars, and we’ve heard that spotting other GoGet cars is a special treat! However, in one major part of car spotting – the colours – apparently we’re underperforming for our young fans.

Well, as a treat for all the GoGet kids in Sydney, we’ve introduced an extra special orange car. Like a phantom, the super rare Orange GoGet will only appear once in a blue moon, but you won’t miss it when you see it!

If you or your kids spot this special orange coloured GoGet on the streets, send a photo to marketing@goget.com.au and we’ll send you a little gift.

GoGet at Highpoint

HighpointAs a first for Melbourne, we’ve teamed up with Highpoint to deliver an on-site pod at the Homemaker Centre in Maribyrnong.

The on-site pod hosts Deddy and Edo, two vans that are super handy for getting home almost anything. Whether you’re getting massive rolls of fabric for an art project, or buying a flashy new barbeque with everything and a kitchen sink, our vans mean you can drive it home on the day and not have to wait for a delivery service. The best part is that GoGet on-site means you don’t have to drive to Highpoint, just in case you might buy something big and bulky. Cycle, walk, tram or bus there, and if there’s something you like that’s too big for your backpack, you’ve got two vans ready and waiting.

Digging up your old invoices

Remember your invoice for tax time!At tax time, does your accountant ask you anxiety-inducing questions like “do you have an invoice for that?” and “when did you pay for this?” Just in time for tax season, we’ve created a new invoice finder, so you can download any invoice from any month without having to dig through old emails, manila folders and boxes of paper. Simply log into the Booking System, click My Account, and scroll to the bottom. There you can select the relevant month and year, and view your invoice for that month. You can even export your invoice in Excel, if you need to combine months or do some pivot table wizardry.

Dogs of GoGet

Moet the dogOur resident French Bulldog, Moet, was proud to be featured in this article about pets in the office. Touting all her benefits of decreasing stress, encouraging collaboration and creating a stronger sense of community for the humans, Moet said she is very pleased with the coverage and glad she’s finally getting recognition for her efforts.

Moet’s friend Hugo also said he was happy to come in now and then and accept pats, head scratches and sleep at people’s feet, if it meant improving health and wellbeing in the office.

We’re big fans of dogs here at GoGet, so remember you can always take a pet in a suitable carrier, or use a dedicated pet-friendly car so your pup can travel more freely. If you’d like a pet-friendly car near you, get in touch!

Cool things our members are doing

3000acres When you walk around the streets of your neighbourhood, do you see prime open space that could be better used as a community garden? What if you could connect with the owners of that land, and organise a group of like minded people to make much better use of the land? That’s what 3000acres is all about. They’ve got the inside knowledge and research skills to get you the permission you need to change wasted urban space, and the help and resources to let you establish a sustainable and workable productive urban farm. If you’re not keen on starting from scratch, they also have a number of pre-established sites that you’re free to join and contribute to. You can even “watch” a proposed or potential site for activity, so you’ll be the first to know when it’s set up. 3000acres is for Melbourne only, so if you know of a similar service for Sydney and other cities, let us know and we’ll spread the word! If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us. The GoGet Team